Sail (2006)

 ●  Marathi ● 1 hr 21 mins

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Advocate Ratnakar meets with Vidya, both fall in love with each other and get married. Shortly thereafter they give birth to a daughter, Mitwa, and son, Avi. Ratnakar then starts working for Maruti, who attempts to use his services to get his accused son acquitted of sexual molestation - in vain, as Ratnakar refuses to represent him. Disillusioned with the law in general, he quits and starts working as a Lecturer instead. Vidya in turn takes to social work, becomes an MLA, then the Education Minister, and finally as the Home Minister. They lose interest in each other and decide to divorce with Avi staying with his dad and Mitwa with Vidya. Avi's efforts to meet with his mom are in vain, he eventually falls into bad company, starts taking drugs, and one night is found dead on the sidewalk. Mitwa re-locates to the U.S. in order to continue her studies and blames Vidya for breaking up their family. Ratnakar and Vidya are fated to meet each other one stormy night when Ratnakar's car breaks down near her country-side bungalow. This is when he will find out that a terrified Vidya is hiding from her very own political party - and if exposed may well end up dead!!

Cast: Reema Lagoo

Crew: Gajendra Ahire (Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2006 (India)

Marathi Name: सैल

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