Salaakhen (1998)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 45 mins

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Kandivli-based Sachidanand Agnihotri is a honest school-teacher, who has always faced problems due to his honesty, first with Poornima School; then in a Government school, and now he has come forward to testify against the sexual assault and murder of a young woman from Worli. Sachidanand points an accusing finger at Nagesh, the son of prominent and influential Jaspal Rana. Sachidanand's family, which consists of his wife, Gayetri, and son, Vishal, attempt in vain to talk him out of testifying. The Police are forced to arrest Nagesh and hold him in a cell. Then the Police, headed by a corrupt Assistant Commissioner of Police, Kamble, attempt to intimidate Sachidanand and follow him everywhere on the pretext of protecting him. Sachidanand is literally driven out of his mind, and on the day of the testimony, Nagesh's lawyer, Ashok Pradhan, confuses him to such an extent that Sachidanand kills himself. Vishal, who is being held in prison for assaulting several policemen, breaks out, abducts Nagesh, and then kills Ashok Pradhan. When Kamble comes to Nagesh's rescue, Vishal kills both of them. He then hunts down Jaspal and eventually kills him. On the run from the Police, he recruits prominent advocate, Khurana, who defends him and gets him acquitted. After the acquittal, instead of thanking his lawyer, Vishal surprisingly kills him in open court. The question remains - what prevailed upon Vishal to kill his very own attorney - who had fought so hard to get his acquittal?

Cast: Raveena Tandon, Sunny Deol

Crew: Guddu Dhanoa (Director), Dilip Sen (Music Director), Sameer Sen (Music Director)

Release Dates: 24 Apr 1998 (India)

Hindi Name: सलाखें

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as Neha G Rao
as Vishal S Agnihotri
as Jaspal Rana
as Sachidanand Agnihotri
as Giri Rao
as Badri
as Gayetri S Agnihotri
as Bhutaneshwar
as ACP Kamble
as Dancer
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