Sasti Dulhan Mahenga Dulha (1986)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 28 mins

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Based in Nagpur, India, Radheyshyam has three daughters of marriageable age, but is unable to affor any dowry to even marry off one daughter. To make matters worse, his eldest daughter has the father of a prospective groom arrested by the police, for demanding and accepting a dowry. This causes an unremoveable stigma against the entire family, and the three daughters take responsibility for this, and decide to run away individually, without even telling each other. Anuradha (Priya Tendulkar) seeks employment under false pretences with an older casanova by the name of Mhatre, but falls in love with a local good-hearted goon Shankar (Mahesh Anand); gorgeous Meenu (Chabbi Dhariwal) ends up being adopted by a rich man, Khan Bahadur Abdul Rahim Khan (Sudhir Dalvi), when she assists him to get to a hospital during a stroke, and is woo-ed by a broke, con-man Raj Kumar (Arun); and Renu ends up with winning the approval of her to-be father-in-law Mafatlal, a multi-millionaire (Jagdish Raj), as she loves his only son, Anil (Nirmal, who is now known as Aditya Panscholi). The parents who are unaware of their daughters' whereabouts decide to travel to Bombay, and seek treatment for their mother, as well as attempt to locate them, only to find out that all three are being held in prison for confessing to the murder of Khan Bahadur Abdul Rahim Khan, the only eye-witness to the murder of Shankar's sister, Shakuntala.

Cast: Beena Banerjee, Dan Dhanoa, Mahesh Anand, Sudhir Dalvi

Crew: Bhappi Sonie (Director)

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1986 (India)

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