Satyabhama (2007)

 ●  Telugu ● 2 hrs 35 mins

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Krishna lives a middle-classed lifestyle, and likes to sculpt. He gets a job as a Tourist Guide on the condition that he gets engaged to his boss' daughter, to which he reluctantly agrees. Thereafter he re-locates to Goa along with two male friends. He starts to sculpt images, especially of Hindu deities, and castles. One day he meets with a young woman, Chandni, and is instantly attracted to her. They spend the rest of the day together, and he finds out that she is from Delhi, is in Goa on vacation, visiting her paternal uncle. The next day he meets with her, and is shocked to find that she does not recognize him nor have any recollection of their meeting from the previous day. He eventually finds out that she was involved in an accident during the year 2006, and a result of which she suffered damage to her brain lode, resulting in temporary memory loss, leaving her doomed to repeat what occurred on August 22, 2006, everyday for the rest of her life. He attempts to assist her to regain her memory, but initially her family prevent him doing so. Subsequently when they discover that Chandni is happier after she meets with him, they permit them to meet. Their lives will soon undergo a major change when Krishna's fiancée will show up, and will not exhibit any qualms in exposing Chandni to the truth - and may end up permanently damaging her brain.

Cast: Bhoomika Chawla

Crew: Sreehari Nanu (Director)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 06 Jul 2007 (India)

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