Saugandh (1991)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 39 mins

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Chowdry Sarang is a proud man and arrogant powerful zamindar (landlord) who refuses to let people garland him as he believes that a man should never bow his head. He adores his little sister Chand and she falls in love with Shiva. Shiva is from an agricultural background family and has a loving family—dad, mom, sister, brother and most importantly his sister-in-law Ganga (Rakhi Gulzar) who adores him. Sarang comes to know about the romance and kills Shiva, Chand and everyone in Shiva's family. However, Ganga, who was pregnant at the time, had just fainted. She makes an oath /saugandh that she will make Sarang bow his head. She challenges Sarang that she will have a son and Sarang will have a daughter and that her son will become Sarang's son-in-law and will make him bow his head. Sarang accepts the challenge and declares that he will kill her son when that day comes. Her son is named Shiva (Akshay Kumar) and Sarang names his daughter Chand (Shanti Priya). Chand is brought up as a ruthless guy rather than a girl. Shiva and Chand meet. Chand hates Shiva initially and they fall in love soon enough. Ranbir Singh (Pankaj Dheer) also wants to marry Chand to punish her for insulting him. After a lot of drama, Chand gets married to Shiva but Sarang, being the proud man he is, refuses to bow his head and shoots himself.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Shanti Priya

Crew: Raj N Sippy (Director), Arvind Laad (Director of Photography), Anand Shrivastav (Music Director), Milind Shrivastav (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Action, Family

Release Dates: 25 Jan 1991 (India)

Tagline: Story of love and war

Hindi Name: सौगंध

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Did you know? The film marks Akshay Kumar's screen debut. Read More
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as Shiva
as Chand - Saurang's dauther
as Chand - Sarang's sister
as Young shiva
as Ganga's mom
as Shanti - Sarang's wife
as Killer
as Killer
as Ganga's husband
as Killer
as Chaudhary Sarang
as Ranbir Singh
as Ganga
as Rajha
as Ganga's father-in-law






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Story of love and war
The film marks Akshay Kumar's screen debut.