Sausage Party (2016)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 29 mins

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A journey of self-discovery, sausage and his friends rush to make it back to their grocery store aisles in time for a new sale and discover the truth about their existence.
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Did you know? Sausage Party was originally going to be released the summer of 2015 and was changed due to the fact that no studio had picked it up, the animation process was delayed Read More
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as Mariachi Salsa / Gefilte Fish
as Druggie
as Carl
as Brenda
as Troy
as Firewater
as Italian Tomato / Lettuce
as Toilet Paper
as Grits
as Honey Mustard
as Vash
as Sammy Bagel Jr
as Potato
as Ketchup
as Beet
as Berry Good Candies
as Plum #2
as Diner Waitress
as Roberta Bun
as Camille Toh
as Popped Cherry Mixer
as Barry
as Chunk Munchers Cereal
as Queso
as Douche
as Sally Bun
as Darren
as Teresa Taco
as Old Pork Sausage
as Gum / Twink
as Frank
as Baby Carrot
as Pislitz Chips




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Camera and Electrical

Digital Imaging Technician


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Foley Artist
Sound Effects Editor
Boom Operator


Production Designer


Online Editor

Post Production

Post Production Supervisor
Post Production Head
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Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, Dolby Surround 7.1, DTS
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24 fps
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1.85:1 (Flat), 2.35:1
Your Food is Revolting
Bun Worshipper
Check out his package
His cork is huge
Macerated and educated
Jerkin' and clerkin'
Baked and fried
She's down with beef or fish
Wrap that ass
Mazel Tov!
Check out his "O" face
She's got buns, son
Always use condiments
He's a real douche
From the guys who brought you This Is the End
Get your fill
Watch what you eat.
They've created a movie that they don't want children to see
Not your usual kids movie
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Reference: The Lone Ranger (English)
Factual Mistake
Frank and the rest of the cast are apparently aware of the concept of eating and yet act horrified when they discover that they are to be eaten

Factual Mistake
Inanimate non-foodstuff objects such as the douche, and the condom, are anthropomorphic, but many objects are shown throughout the film as having no anthropomorphic features
Seth Rogen's character is Frank, "Frank" is also a slang term referring to the male genital

Shopwell's is clearly based off the real life store Shoprite in real life

The original song "The Great Beyond" plays three times within the movie

At the very end of the credits, the phrase "Be Moved" appears and is included amongst the Movie Production Logos

Director Conrad Vernon had earlier worked with Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd on the movie 'Monsters vs. Aliens'

Seth Rogen had released a video of himself and some of the animators watching the early stages of the film

During the credits where names are listed on a shopping receipt, Seth Rogen can be seen priced as '$4.20', referencing his advocacy for legalising marajuana use

According to, Seth Rogen wants to do Sausage Party 2 & more R-rated animated movies and has plenty of ideas for them

Sausage Party was originally going to be released the summer of 2015 and was changed due to the fact that no studio had picked it up, the animation process was delayed

The name of the Chinese take-out restaurant on the carton on the druggie's table is 'Pu Ping', which sounds like - "pooping."

On the druggie's car is a bumper sticker with the word "Dixar" is a clear pun on the word "Pixar"

Seth Rogen revealed to the comic con attendees that the film was a passion project for the animators as they wanted to work on an adult-themed animated film after working on projects aimed for children

'Sausage Party' is the first animated film with an R rating released by a major studio since South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

The license plate on the druggies car is 'A113' which is an easter egg that Pixar hides in all of their feature films

Because of the dark nature of the story, Seth Rogen worked for eight years to get it picked up by film studios

According to Seth Rogen, the film was intended to be made as inexpensively as possible and the CGI was not supposed to look polished

According to Seth Rogen, the MPAA requested the film to remove hair from Lavash's genitals in order to keep its R rating

While most Pixar and other animated movies cost about $100 million to make, Sausage Party only cost under $20 million to make

Seth Rogen had developed the idea of the film in 2007, and it was based on something he and Jonah Hill would joke around about

Seth Rogen had described this film as a dark take on Disney films

The red band trailer for this movie was accidentally shown at a screening of Finding Dory at Brenden Concord cinemas in Concord, California which horrified young audiences