Shaandaar (2015)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 25 mins

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A romantic comedy film directed by Vikas Bahl, starring Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles.

Cast: Alia Bhatt, Shahid Kapoor

Crew: Vikas Bahl (Director), Anil Mehta (Director of Photography), Ali Merchant (Music Director), Amit Trivedi (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Drama, Romantic Comedy

Release Dates: 22 Oct 2015 (India)

Hindi Name: शानदार

Movie Rating
Based on 6 ratings
3 user 25 critic
Music Rating
Based on 8 ratings
3 user 25 critic
Did you know? The movie marks the acting debut of actor Shahid Kapur's sister and Pankaj Kapur's daughter Sanah Kapoor. Read More
A Mindblowing Shaandaar album from the Trivedi music factory

Amit Trivedi proves yet again that he is a happening music director of the youth generation. Shaandaar hits the right note and compliments the feel of the film - wacky and unique!!

Shaam Shandaar - This techno party track is sure to be hitting the charts and possibly in every soon-to-happen-Baaraats!! The dhol beats and Amit's voice sync like magic.

Gulaabo - A middle-of-the-night delight just like the characters in the movie, this snazzy track with the slightly jerky horn section, makes you break your curfew and swing to Vishal and Anusha Mani’s mesmerizing voices in the dark alleys.

Nazdeekiyan - A slow romantic track which could give you wings (like a red bull) and take you to another beautiful dreamland with its rich orchestra.

Senti Wali Mental – Another wedding track which is one of the highlights of this glorious album, has several different tunes, lyrics and variations going for it. This track has an ensemble of wonderful voices and tunes coming together like beautiful hand-stitched wedding gown.

Raitaa Phailgaya – This one is a sweet Punjabi track which gets you moving, with a bag of chips while you are busy with a chore, and make you wonder why Yo Yo Honey Singh’s name is randomly mentioned in the song made with the rustic touch of Divya Kumar’s voice.

*SPOILER*  A Unique and Wonderful Idea that struggles to sail to its 'Destination' without sinking

A Bitter-sweet roller-coaster that focuses mainly on the father-daughter equation and the fairy-tale romance between Shahid and Alia keeping you glued to the screens.

'Shaandaar', has a unique take on the main issues like Insomnia and Family pressure, while being un-apologetically funny, but sails the story safely to its destination wedding without being overly nauseating, given the various plot holes, lame jokes and shaky screenplay. We look at the insomnia victims- the charming wedding planner and orphan annie (beautifully performed by Alia and Shahid effortlessly) fall deeply in love with each other, while the members of the family struggling to make a business deal of a wedding happen!! Diljit Dosanjh is a wasted potential and he was portrayed in a disturbing and unfunny manner.

(As much as i would struggle to point out the positive sides of the movie, i was worried that i might leave the movie with a permanent problem of Insomnia)

Best parts of the movie- The scenic destinations showcased with grandeur, Amit trivedi's musical magic, Pankaj Kapur and his daughter Sanah Kapur (debutante) who are the main talent worth looking out for in this mundane movie as they blow your mind with their exemplary performances.

Beautifully shot with pretty actors and prettier frames

In the much publicized"Shaandaar", Director Vikas Bahl who gave us the heartwarming Queen last year seems to have lost his path in the glam and glitter.Shandaar boasts of pretty post card locations, prettier people and is all style but where is the genuine fodder/substance that one who would have liked a thinking director to give us.
The film is based on a destination wedding set in a castle in the U.K where in there is a murky resurrection deal that is being signed in the name of matrimony between tow bankrupt families.The groom seems to be on a Shirtless Salman mode and is proud of his 8 and half packs or whatever, the bride to be is the coy but grossly overweight girl who loves to sketch and is happy being herself.Sanah Kapoor in ways more than one is probably the surprise package of this deal.She is a complete natural and gets all our symapathies and also the claps as she comes into her own in the climax.The film boasts of eminently engaging actors who either sleepwalk through their parts(Pankaj Kapoor ji , did u really need to do this?) or ham it up badly(Sushma Seth in a Cruella Devil matriarch mode and Sanjay Kapoor as the Sindhi obsessed gun trotting samdhi who even after years proves he rots in the acting department..maybe he should take a few lessons from Arbaaz Khan is Kis kis ko pyaar karoon).The lead pair share an interesting chemistry of insomnia and are in fine eye candies.Shahid Kapoor is all charm and Alia just glides like a swan into her scenes.
The music and choreography are the major game changers here.Songs pop out unnecessarily and act like speed brakers..But who the heck is bothered when the chartbursters like Gulabo and Shaam Shaandaar add quirk and fun.But for me the charming Nazdeekhiyaan shot in black and white was the high point of the romance between the charming leads.The scenes between Pankaj Kapoor and his daughters Sanah and Alia and also with Shahid sparkle but the director chooses animation and an unwanted Chat session with Karan Johar in a special appearance to hold our interest.
Shaandaar is a beautifully shot film.Go and watch it for the eye candy and exuberance its songs offer.But don't go expecting a "Queen part 2" and you would return with a little smile on your face.

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The movie marks the acting debut of actor Shahid Kapur's sister and Pankaj Kapur's daughter Sanah Kapoor.

The movie was initially titled as "Return Gift", and was later renamed as 'Shaandaar'.