Shadow of Buddha (2010)

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In the Shadow of Buddha takes us to the seldom seen world of Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in northernmost India. Many Buddhists believe that one cannot attain enlightenment in the body of a woman, so what compels these women to dedicate their lives to being a nun? Through their own voice we explore the paradox that being a woman within Tibetan Buddhism represents. For these women the notion that a woman can be educated and that being born a female is not a punishment of past deeds is currently challenging thousands of years of history. The stark images seem as familiar as they are exotic, but there is a world more beautiful and mysterious that is not often witnessed by the eye of western enthusiasm.

Crew: Heather Kessinger (Director)

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Biography

Release Dates: 05 Dec 2010 (United States)

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Documentary Short
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