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Sigaram Thodu may not scale peaks but hits on the target for sure!!!

Sigaram Thodu….This action thriller is directed by Thoonga Nagaram fame Gaurav, it has all the elements a commercial entertainer requires to survive, Gaurav have taken those usual suspects and treated with a new dash of crime which was not shown on big screen before. A father who becomes handicapped in the line of duty has a wish that his son would become a great Police officer when he grows up, Son has a different theory all together, who pretends to fulfill his fathers wish, but got his own plans for the future, who later falls for a girl, which eventually changes the course of action. The first half goes hunky dory with romance, sentiments and comedy. But the momentum builds up in the second half giving you an edgy thriller.

Vikram Prabhu, he has been playing safe with his choice of movies, 4 movies old and has not tasted a failure yet, his movies have always been appreciated, and he never failed to give an entertainer till date. He continues the same with Sigaram Thodu, he did a great job as “Murali Pandiyan“, he fits well in the Police Uniform. He is one among those who will stay for long in the industry.

Sathyaraj have been playing his age and is seen in different shades as the list goes, he did a good job and played the character well, would like to see him in a powerful role soon.

Monal Gajjar didn’t have much of an acting scope in this flick, the part given to her was a short one, which she did a decent justice to it, Satish was seen on and off just for the sake of laughs, which was well supported by the famous characters from the “Lollu Sabha“. Erode Mahesh as Aadhimoolam did a good job.

The director Gaurav doubles up as the villain in the movie, who did a great job as an actor. The cinematography by Vijay Ulaganath was good, Praveen KL’s editing was precise and sharp. Imman’s music was good, which was supported well with a decent BGM.

Gaurav gave a good masala entertainer with a strong caution to the public, which is very useful as well a scary truth to which we could fall prey at any time in our day to day life, credit card scamming and ATM robbery was shown in a bright light with details which not many are aware of, Sigaram Thodu is a thriller which you will appreciate for it’s noble cause of caution issued in public interest, go with an open mind with no expectations, you will enjoy this flick, Sigaram Thodu may not scale peaks but hits on the target for sure!!!

+’s – Racy screenplay with neat direction and cinematography.

-‘s – Unwanted song sequences and could have avoided the tirth yatra.

Rating: 3.75/5.

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