Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017)

 ●  Hindi ● 1 hr 30 mins

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With the evil wizard Gargamel hot on their trail, Smurfette, Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty embark on a journey through the Forbidden Forest to find a mysterious village.
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Did you know? John Goodman was initially considered to voice the character of Papa Smurf. Read More
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as Smurflily
as Brainy
as Smurfette
as Smurfblossom
as Clumsy
as Grouchy
as Hefty
as Smurfwillow
as Papa Smurf
as Smurfmelody
as Smurfstorm
as Gargamel
as Passerby Smurf
as Jokey
as Cauldron
as Snappy Bug / Handy Smurf
as Karate Smurf
as Azrael
as Jokey Smurf
as Baker Smurf
as Farmer Smurf
as Farmer
as Nosey
as Smurfjade
as Patient Smurf
as Vanity Smurf




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Sound Mix:
Dolby Digital
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
1.85:1 (Flat), 2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)
Shot in 3D
They were never alone.
The Lost Village
A whole new world awaits
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Dubbed from: Smurfs: The Lost Village (English)
The character of Baker Smurf was voiced by real life celebrity master chef Gordon Ramsay.

Mandy Patinkin was added to the cast of the animated adventure film to voice Papa Smurf, who was previously voiced by Jonathan Winters in the live-action/CGI films

It was reported that singer Meghan Trainor had recorded a song for the film titled "I'm a Lady", which was released as a single.

Actor Joe Manganiello voices the character of Hefty Smurf in this movie.

The original voice of Smurfette was played by American singer Katy Perry but in this rendition American singer Demi Lovato voices the character of Smurfette.

The movie was initially planned to be titled as 'Get Smurfy'.

John Goodman was initially considered to voice the character of Papa Smurf.

The movie is a direct sequel of the second Smurfs movie.