Snoopy And Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie (2015)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 27 mins

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Flying ace Snoopy takes to the skies to chase his nemesis, the Red Baron, while best friend Charlie Brown embarks on his own epic quest.
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Cast: Bill Melendez, Francesca Capaldi , Noah Schnapp

Crew: Steve Martino (Director), Renato Falcao (Director of Photography), Christophe Beck (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family

Release Dates: 11 Dec 2015 (India), 09 Apr 2016 (Singapore)

Tagline: Violet: Original Mean Girl.

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Did you know? Snoopy's siblings, Andy, Olaf, Marbles, Spike, and Belle, appear in the mid-credits scene. Two additional siblings, Molly and Rover, were created for the televised specials but not by Schultz himself and are omitted from the scene. Read More
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Violet: Original Mean Girl.
Go nuts
The story of an underdog. And his dog.
Marcie: A-Dork-Able.
Peppermint Patty: My Friends Call Me Sir.
Franklin: Mr. Ice. Guy.
Charlie Brown: Misfit. Blockhead. Hero.
Linus: Likable. Loving. Loyal.
Lucy: Loud and Proud.
Snoopy: Lights. Camera. Beagle.
Pig Pen: Dust a move.
Schroeder: Major Player.
Dream big
During the dance scene where no one was dancing, Peppermint Patty was amoung the group of girls, then when Charlie Browm opened the door, she reappears with Lucy holding the fruit punch

When Charlie Brown goes to bed after writing his book report, while he is getting into bed you can see some notes beside his windowsill. However, when Sally comes in and wakes him a few seconds later, the notes have vanished.

Towards the end when Linus is picking names out of the bowl for the pen pal project, all the desks in the class are occupied; there should be an empty one where Linus would have been sitting.

Character Error
Linus is a year younger than Lucy and Charlie Brown, and would not have been in the same class as them

Charlie's hands get covered in ink while writing his book report. He then wipes his hands on his shirt creating the characteristic zig zag pattern. However, in all subsequent shots the pattern disappears and his shirt is again a solid color with no pattern.

Charlie's hair appears and disappears while he's talking to Lucy at her psychiatrist stand.

Factual Mistake
The Red Baron's plane lacks the Iron Cross symbols.

Revealing Mistakes
At one point Snoopy determines which way the wind is blowing by dropping a handful of grass. The grass is carried away by the wind, but the snowflakes fall straight down as if there is no wind.
Snoopy's siblings also make a cameo during the end credits

On the field of Charlie Brown's hapless baseball team, there are 3 pegs for the Visitor score and just 1 peg for the Home team.

The Royal Guardsman sang "Snoopy vs. the Red Baron", "The Return of the Red Baron", and "Snoopy's Christmas". These three songs are a trilogy. "Snoopy vs. the Red Baron" is one of the greatest novelty songs ever released during the 1960s. It was #2 on the US Billboard Charts during the last days of 1966.

Other Snoopy songs by the Royal Guardsmen are "Snoopy for President" (1968) and "The Littlest Astronaut" (1978)

The Little Red-Haired Girl finally notices Charlie Brown; both of them finally speak to each other.

On the list of highest standardized test scores, the name "Heather Wold" can be seen as the #4 highest score. This most likely is the name of the Little Red-Haired Girl. The Little Red-Haired Girl's first name is "Heather" in the 1977 special It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown - it should be noted, however, that Charles M. Schulz never considered the television specials to be canon. "Wold" comes from Donna Wold, the woman who inspired the character. Wold dated Schulz for three years, later turning his request for marriage down. The two remained close friends until Schulz's death in 2000.

Snoopy's siblings, Andy, Olaf, Marbles, Spike, and Belle, appear in the mid-credits scene. Two additional siblings, Molly and Rover, were created for the televised specials but not by Schultz himself and are omitted from the scene.

The Beagle Scouts, Snoopy's bird friends who all resemble Woodstock, appear in the film as the pit crew for Snoopy's plane in the World War I Flying Ace sequences. The birds are named Conrad, Bill, Oliver and Harriet. In the comics, Harriet is generally portrayed as the toughest while Oliver (likely the bird who appears to mess up constantly in the movie) is the dumbest.

The aircraft Snoppy tries to rescue Fifi from in his fantasy sequence slightly resembles the Hindenburg.

During the sequence where Snoopy (as the World War I Flying Ace) is struggling to return to his airfield, he is briefly shown sporting a wiry mustache as he is crawling through the desert. This is a reference to Snoopy's brother Spike, who was named after Charles Schultz's childhood dog and appeared infrequently in the comics. Spike wore the same mustache and lived in the desert country near Needles, California.

The mentioned writing on the little red-haired girl's moving truck says: Mendelson & Melendez, two men important in Charlie Brown's history: Mendelson produced all the specials and penned "Christmas Time is Here". Melendez was the animator whose studio brought Schulz's comic strip to life in animation in over 40 specials.

Released theatrically in theaters with Cosmic Scrat-tastophy.

This movie is being released 50 years after "A Charlie Brown Christmas", the first Peanuts animated short, as well as being released 65 years after the first Peanuts comic strip.

This is the fifth theatrical Peanuts film, after A Boy Named Charlie Brown (1969), Snoopy Come Home (1972), Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown (1977), and Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!!) (1980).

Kristin Chenoweth, who voices Fifi, won a Tony Award for her portrayal of Sally Brown in the 1999 Broadway revival of the musical "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown". This is also her third animated role in a Fox movie.

First Peanuts film not to mention Snoopy or Charlie Brown in its title.

Charlie Brown does his book report on "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy, which was Charles Schulz's favorite novel.

The same year this movie came out, Charles M. Schulz was inducted into the California Hall of Fame. His wife Jean accepted the award on his behalf.

Steve Martino was chosen as director because the Schulz family was impressed with his adaptation of the Dr. Seuss novel Horton Hears a Who! (2008).

Steve Martino describes the film as a heroic odyssey: "Charlie Brown is that guy who, in the face of repeated failure, picks himself back up and tries again. That's no small task. I think the everyday qualities of perseverance, to pick yourself back up with a positive attitude - that's every bit as heroic as having a star on the Walk of Fame or being a star on Broadway."

Lucy mentions real estate when talking to Charlie Brown about the Little Red Haired Girl, a recurring topic on her mind in various media throughout the years.

Charlie Brown hands Patty and Violet a comic book with Spark Plug the Horse from the comic strip "Barney Google" on the cover. Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz's nickname was "Sparky" after this character.

The moving company is named Mendelson & Melendez, after Lee Mendelson and Bill Melendez, the long-time executive producers of the animated Peanuts TV specials.

Schulz, inspired by his son's love for World War One airplane models, created the Red Baron as Snoopy's nemesis. A model triplane is featured prominently in the film.

Steve Martino and the animators spent over a year looking at Charles M. Schulz's "Peanuts" comics to help translate the "hand-drawn warmth of Schulz's artwork into the cool pixel-precision of CGI."

The name of the Little Red Haired Girl is seen on the list of student's rankings on the standardized test. She is #4 on the list and her name is indicated as 'Heather Wold'. The name 'Heather' was first attached to her in the special "It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown" in 1977.

Charles Schulz's original title for his strip was L'IL FOLKS, but because that was the original title of someone else's strip, his syndicate forced the title PEANUTS on him. He hated the title and didn't use it in any of the specials or movies.

In the comic strip, Patty is a brunette and wears an orange dress. Here she is a blonde and wears a green dress.

After Charlie Brown becomes popular, the kids struggle over who gets his attention. Shermy (who has not appeared in the film to this point) grabs his arm and says, "I saw him first!" In the very first Peanuts strip printed, Charlie Brown walks by and Shermy is indeed the first character to ever see him.

On the sheet that shows all the standard test scores, it reveals the Little Red-Haired Girl's name to be Donna Wold, which was the name of the real-life inspiration for the character.

Charles Schulz said that Charlie Brown is in fact not bald. He has blonde hair, but it is so transparent, you can't see it.

Various steps were taken with the animation to emulate the original look and feel of the comics and the previous animated specials. For example, the trees and other foliage in the background are static and never billow or sway in the wind. Even on the characters, their animation appears "jagged" and skippy. This was done to emulate the low quality hand drawn animation that the Peanuts television specials were known for.

The script was created in 2006 by Charles M. Schulz's son and grandson Craig Schulz and Bryan Schulz, respectively.

First Peanuts film since the death of creator Charles M. Schulz in 2000.

The third film from Blue Sky Studios, after Ice Age (2002) and Epic (2013), to not have John Powell compose the musical score.

This movie is being released 50 years after "A Charlie Brown Christmas", the first Peanuts animated film.

Like the comic strip, you never see the bottom of Snoopy's dog house in the Flying Ace sequence.

This marks Blue Sky Studio's 10th animated film.

The first Peanuts film to not have the voice talent of Don Johnson in the form of a cameo role.

First film not to mention Snoopy or Charlie Brown in movie title.

Snoopy's noises and Woodstock's chirpings are recycled from old Bill Melendez recordings.

The first theatrical Peanuts movie in 35 years.

This the first "Peanuts" film made with computer-generated imagery.

This is actually the Peanuts' fifth theatrical motion picture. The other four included A Boy Named Charlie Brown, Snoopy Come Home, Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown, and Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown.