Son of the Pink Panther (1993)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 33 mins

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Eighth entry in the Pink Panther. It is nearly 30 years since Inspector Jacques Clouseau managed to get Maria Gambrelli off from a murder charge (events of "A Shot In The Dark".) Maria has gone on and have moved to a seaside town. Also Princess Yasmin of Lugash has come to the town for a holiday with her father. She is kidnapped and because of the strong ties between France and Lugash, Chief Inspector Dreyfus is called in to find her. He is hampered by the local police officer Jacques and is amazed when he finds that Jacques is Maria's son. He is terrified even though he and Maria are falling in love that Jacques is Clouseau's son and Jacques is showing Clouseau-ish behaviour. Both Jacques and Dreyfus set out to find the missing Princess...

Cast: Claudia Cardinale, Herbert Lom, Roberto Benigni

Crew: Blake Edwards (Director), Dick Bush (Director of Photography), Henry Mancini (Music Director)

Rating: PG (Australia)

Genres: Crime, Comedy

Release Dates: 27 Aug 1993 (India)

Tagline: Inspector Clouseau's biggest mistake lives on!

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Did you know? The only "Pink Panther" film of the 1990s decade. Read More
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Inspector Clouseau's biggest mistake lives on!
Funny has a color all its own.
Revealing Mistakes
When Commisioner Dreyfus accidentally ejects himself from his hospital bed, person being ejected is a clearly a stunt double, with darker hair, and more of it.

Revealing Mistakes
When Dreyfuss discovers he is standing in shallow water, his clothes are wet and become partially see-through. Because of this, it's obvious he is wearing a wetsuit under his clothes. It's the same kind of scuba suit used earlier in the film.

Commissioner Dreyfus' non-recognition of Maria Gambrelli during the encounter at the Gambrelli home. Dreyfus considered Gambrelli a prime murder suspect in A Shot in the Dark, but she looks different (in fact, this is probably a joke on the fact she's played by a different actress).

When Jacques and Yasmin are reciting from Romeo and Juliet, Yasmin puts her hand on Jacques face. In the next shot, her hand is nowhere on his face but goes back to being on his face in the shot after.

When Jaques Gambrelli leaves the hospital, his bike has wet cement on the wheels. In the next scene, the wheels are clean, with no trace of cement.

Audio/Video Mismatch
Gambrelli says "ha" when Yussa shoots at him, but his mouth is closed.
According to the TCMDb, "Gérard Depardieu was originally set to star".

Star Billing: Roberto Benigni (1st), Herbert Lom (2nd), Burt Kwouk (3rd), Robert Davi (4th), and Claudia Cardinale (5th).

The amount of the ransom was $100 million and for the ruling monarch of Lugash to abdicate.

The name of the fishing boat was "Emeraude" of the Port of Nice whilst the name of the large leisure yacht cruiser was "Darnice III".

The picture was filmed during June, July, August, September and October 1992.

The character of Maria Gambrelli, played here by Claudia Cardinale (who appeared as Princess Dala in the first film, The Pink Panther (1963)), originally appeared in A Shot in the Dark (1964) and was played by Elke Sommer.

André Maranne was originally set to reprise his role of François, but he died before he could film his scenes, he was replaced by Dermot Crowley

'Harvey Korman' was asked to reprise his role as Prof. Augustus Balls, but turned down the role due to scheduling conflicts with The Flintstones (1994). For the same reason 'Elke Sommer' turned down the role of Maria Gambrelli due to other projects.

This is the only known "Pink Panther" film not to feature Inspector Jacques Clouseau. Although he does appear in photographs featuring the late Peter Sellers.

One of nine cinema movies that British actor-comedian Graham Stark made with director Blake Edwards. Seven of the films were "Pink Panther" pictures, it was only Blind Date (1987) and Victor Victoria (1982) that were not.

The film was meant to restart the "Pink Panther" series with a new Inspector for a new generation. Unfortunately, its box-office reception was so bad that not until 2006 would there be another film that was also an intended reboot to the series, The Pink Panther (2006).

Actor-comedians Kevin Kline, Rowan Atkinson, Gérard Depardieu and Tim Curry were all considered for the role of Jacques Gambrelli, the son of Inspector Clouseau. In the end, the part went to Roberto Benigni. Atkinson had been previously considered for the role of Det. Clifton Sleigh in Curse of the Pink Panther (1983) but had been rejected by the studio because Atkinson was unknown outside of the UK (ironically, Benigni was unknown outside of Italy) whilst Kline would go on to appear as Dreyfus in The Pink Panther (2006) remake.

Final "Pink Panther" picture directed by Blake Edwards.

This "Pink Panther" picture does not feature the Pink Panther diamond jewel.

Son of the Pink Panther (1993) was the first time that the Maria Gambrelli character had appeared in the franchise since A Shot in the Dark (1964), a gap of around twenty-nine years.

The film went straight-to-video in a number of markets and territories including both the UK and Australia.

The only "Pink Panther" film of the 1990s decade.

Production on the picture was shut down for five days in August 1992 when star Roberto Benigni, during a fight scene, injured his ankle.

Ninth "Pink Panther" picture in the original film franchise.

Final "Pink Panther" picture in the original film franchise.

This 1993 "Pink Panther" picture debuted in the thirtieth anniversary year of the original The Pink Panther (1963) movie which had launched in 1963.

The film was a critical and commercial failure at the box-office.

Final film of composer Henry Mancini.

The film's opening titles sequence departs from the other "Pink Panther" pictures in that although still animated, it mixes the animation with live action.

Claudia Cardinale played a different character than she had done in the original The Pink Panther (1963) where she had played Princess Dahla. In Son of the Pink Panther (1993), Cardinale plays Maria Gambrelli, a character which had been previously seen in the franchise's second film, A Shot in the Dark (1964), where Gambrelli had been played by Elke Sommer.

About a third of the film was directed by Geoffrey Edwards.

At the start of the opening credits, Henry Mancini hands his conductor's baton over to the Pink Panther. In reality, he handed the baton to Geoffrey Edwards, with the Pink Panther being rotoscoped over Edwards in post-production.

Final theatrical feature film of director Blake Edwards. Edwards' final film would be the tele-movie musical Victor/Victoria (1995) which was made and first broadcast about two years later in 1995.