Spud (2010)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 43 mins

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Directed by Donovan Marsh, starring John Cleese, Troye Sivan and Jamie Royal in the lead roles.
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Did you know? This film is based on John van de Ruit's novel of the same name. Read More
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as Henry 'Gecko' Barker
as The Guv - Mr. Edly
as John 'Spud' Milton
as Dad
as Christine
as Older Amanda
as Handyman
as Mr. Lilly
as Fatty
as Innocence
as Simon Brown
as Amanda
as Smith
as Wombat
as Older Debbie
as Pike
as Mermaid - Debbie
as Viking
as Gecko's Mom
as Linton's Dad
as Bert
as Sparerib - Mr. Wilson
as Mad Dog's Mom
as The Glock - Mr. Glockenshpeel
as Boggos' Dad
as Stubbed Cricket Boy
as Charlie 'Mad Dog' Hooper
as Mom
as Gecko's Dad
as Boggo's Mom
as Linton's Mom
as P.J. Luthuli
as Hairy Gavin
as Christian Boy
as Matron
as Rambo's Mom
as Reverand Bishop
as Rambo's Dad
as De Vries
as Simon's Mom
as Linton Austin
as Julian
as Fatty's Dad
as Marge
as Mrs. Roberts
as Simon's Dad
as Rambo
as San Sister
as Eve - Mrs. Wilson
as The Guv's Wife
as Vern 'Rain Main' Blackadder
as Boggo
as Old Lady
as Fatty's Mom


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This film is based on John van de Ruit's novel of the same name.

The bed where Spud sleeps in the dormitory is the actual bed where John Van De Ruit, author of the original novel, used to sleep when he was in the school.

The old green station wagon driven by the Milton family broke down several times on set and the smoke coming from the car, is real. There was no need to add the smoke in post production.