Sundari Neeyum Sundaran Njanum (1995)

 ●  Malayalam ● 2 hrs 30 mins

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Spiced with quirky comedy, this family-oriented drama delves into the life of Achutan Nair, in extremely wealthy old man, who owns a thriving export company. When he has his third heart attack, his extended family comes together in the greed of getting their share of his properties, but he soon recovers his health. Disgusted by the vultures circling around his wealth, he exposes the secret of his extramarital affair, and the fact that he has an illegitimate daughter, Shobha. He also decides to name her as his heir and make a will to ensure that the entire inheritance would go to her upon his death. Incensed by this action, all the relatives get together and decide on a plan to hire an actor to pretend to be Shobha's husband, Mahadevan and convince Achutan Nair of Shobha's demise, in the hopes that he would have yet another heart attack and die, before he could change his Will. For this task, they choose a desperate young man Bala Gopalan, who is so burdened by his debts, that he is on the verge of committing suicide. They convince him to act as Mahadevan in exchange for enough money to solve all his problems. Bala Gopalan accepts the assignment due to desperation, but just as he enters Achutan Nair's household as Mahadevan and is about to break the news of Shobha's death, an enigmatic young woman appears, claiming to be Shobha. Is she the real deal or is she yet another impostor out to get her hands on Achutan Nair's wealth? If she is really Achutan Nair's daughter, why does she not expose Bala Gopalan? How will the relationship between them unfold? Will Achutan Nair finally find peace and happiness in his life?

Cast: Mukesh Madhavan, Ranjitha Rakesh

Crew: Thulasi Das (Director), Jithin Shyam (Music Director)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1995 (India)

Malayalam Name: സുന്ദരി നീയും സുന്ദരന ഞാനും

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Frame Rate:
24 fps
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2.39:1 (Scope)

Music Director: Jithin Shyam
Playback Singer: MG Sreekumar, KS Chithra

Music Director: Jithin Shyam
Playback Singer: KS Chithra

Music Director: Jithin Shyam
Playback Singer: KS Chithra