Suyamvaram (1999)

 ●  Tamil ● 2 hrs 9 mins

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Kuselan (Vijayakumar) and Suseela (Manjula) have 9 children: 3 boys (Sathyaraj, Prabhu Ganesan and Abbas) and 6 girls (Rambha, Roja, Kasthuri, Maheswari, Preetha Vijaykumar and Suvalakshmi). R. Parthiban is the family's loyal servant but he is treated as one of their own, while Napoleon is the family doctor. The movie opens with Kuselan's 60th birthday celebrations and Kuselan gets a heart attack. At the hospital, the family is informed that Kuselan will not live long and to keep him comfortable in his last days. From the devastated family, Kuselan asks for one last favour: that all his children get married before he dies. The children all agree and a state wide ad is put out saying that those chosen to marry Kuselan's children would get a piece of the family properties and 1 crore in cash. Needless to say, the mention of wealth brings in potential brides and grooms by the truck full to be interviewed by either Bhagyaraj and Oorvasi or the two doctors Janagaraj and Senthil. The parents and Napoleon are happy thinking that everything would happen as planned but there is a major hitch that they didn't know about. Most of the children have already fallen in love. Satyaraj, Prabhu and Abbas have fallen love with Kushboo, Aishwarya and Heera respectively while Roja, Kasturi, Maheswari and Preeti are in love with Prabhu Deva, Pandiarajan, Vineeth and Livingston respectively. Each of them get their lover ready for the interview and after some hard work (and in the end, some bribing), they are all selected. Rambha is linked with the absent-minded doctor Karthik who shows up at the interview thinking it is an interview for a doctor's post in a clinic while Suvalakshmi, who is handicapped, pairs with Parthiban in the end. Mansur Ali Khan, with Vichitra in tow, tries to worm his way in as a groom and when that effort fails, he kidnaps the 9 brides for ransom. Napoleon, who calls his friend Assistant Commissioner Arjun Sarja for help. After finding the brides and after the marriage Kuselan explains that his heart attack was just a joke and he wanted them to get married and that's why he said he had a heart attack.
Did you know? The film brought together 14 major directors, 19 cinematographers and over thirty leading actors in the Tamil film industry. Read More
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as tribal girl
as Indiran
as Aavudaiappan
as Urvashi
as Easwari
as Ezhilarasi
as Sanjay
as Arunachalam's friend
as Mithrabuthan
as Gnanapithan
as Ram Kumar
as Kanthen
as Suseela
as Krishna
as Pallavan
as Kanna
as Azhagappan
Supporting Actor
as Arunachalam
as Arivozhi
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Dubbed into: Pellante Idera (Telugu)
The film brought together 14 major directors, 19 cinematographers and over thirty leading actors in the Tamil film industry.

The film holds the Guinness World Record for casting the most stars in a film and also for being the quickest ever feature-length film made, with filming being completed in 23 hours and 58 minutes.