Swing Kids (2018)

 ●  Korean ● 2 hrs 14 mins

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During the Korean War in 1951, North Korean and Chinese prisoners of war are sent to a camp on Geoje Island in South Korea. The camp is under intense strife between prisoners who are pro-communists and anti-communists. Rho Ki-Soo (Do Kyung-Soo) is a young North Korean soldier held at the Geoje POW Camp. Meanwhile, Sergeant Jackson (Jared Grimes) is ordered by a superior officer into forming a tap dancing team from the POW camp. He holds an audition in the camp and selects Chinese soldier Xiaofang (Kim Min-Ho), South Korean Kang Byung-Sam (Oh Jung-Se) who was falsely accused of being a communist sympathizer and civilian Yang Pan-Rae (Park Hye-Soo) who wants to support her family. Sergeant Jackson also recognizes the immense talent Rho Ki-Soo has for dance. Soon, they form the "Swing Kids" dance group.

Cast: Do Kyung Soo, Park Hye Soo

Crew: Kang Hyeong Cheol (Director), Kim Ji Yong (Director of Photography), Kim Jun Seok (Music Director)

Rating: 18 (Malaysia)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 10 Jan 2019 (Malaysia), 10 Jan 2019 (New Zealand), 17 Jan 2019 (Singapore), 21 Dec 2018 (United States), 19 Dec 2018 (South Korea)

Korean Name: 스윙키즈

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