Tag (2018)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 41 mins

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An annual game of tag is organized by a small group of former classmates and the highly competitive friends hit the ground running for a no-holds-barred game of tag, risking their necks, their jobs, and their relationships to take one another down only once in one month every year. This time, the game coincides with the wedding of the only undefeated player. What should be an easy target soon becomes an all-out war as he knows they're coming to get him.

Cast: Annabelle Wallis, Isla Fisher, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm

Crew: Jeff Tomsic (Director), Larry Blanford (Director of Photography), Steven Capitano Calitri (Director of Photography), Germaine Franco (Music Director)

Rating: A (India), M18 (Singapore)

Genres: Comedy

Release Dates: 06 Jul 2018 (India), 15 Jun 2018 (Canada), 14 Jun 2018 (New Zealand), 21 Jun 2018 (Singapore), 14 Jun 2018 (United Arab Emirates), 15 Jun 2018 (United States)

Tagline: Based on a True Story. We're Not Kidding.

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Did you know? Hannibal Buress is twelve to five years younger than his co-stars in real life. Read More
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as Rebecca
as Anna
as Jerry
as Callahan
as Young Callahan
as Young Hoagie
as Randy's father
as Hoagie
as Student
as Sable
as Mexican Jerry
as Randy
as Susan's Bridesmaid
as Wedding Guest
as Receptionist
as Susan
as Teen Jerry
as Linda
as Cheryl
as Lou
as Young Cheryl
as Young Chilli


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Based on a True Story. We're Not Kidding.
"Tag" was based on the true events of the lives of former high school classmates (Bill Akers, Patrick Schultheis, Sean Raftis and Mike Konesky).

While filming a stunt for the movie, Jeremy Renner fractured his right elbow and left wrist.

Initially, Will Ferrell and Jack Black were a part of the cast.

The booby traps and sound effects used for the chase sequence in the woods are direct callbacks to Predator.

"Tag" was filmed in metro Atlanta.

Hannibal Buress is twelve to five years younger than his co-stars in real life.

The film brought Ed Helms and Rashida Jones together.

Jeremy Renner and Jon Hamm both earlier were seen in "The Town".

"Tag" seemed to be the second collaboration between Jake Johnson and Annabelle Wallis.

Jeremy Renner, Jake Johnson, and Annabelle Wallis each starred opposite Tom Cruise in blockbuster films.

The basis of the film originates on a game being played for thirty years. The playground game of "tag" was big during the 1980s.