Tanariri (1975)

 ●  Gujarati ● 2 hrs 1 min

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A version of the often-filmed legend associated with the 16th C. musician Tansen (cf. Tansen, 1943) at Mughal Emperor Akbar’s (Modi) court and one of the founding figures of North Indian classical music. After singing the raga Deepak (associated with light), Tansen himself burns from within and can be saved only by an equally competent singer performing the Malhar (a raga associated with the monsoon). The two women, Tana and Riri, daughters of the head of the Nagar community and victims of Akbar’s imperialism, can do so but they turn down the invitation from Akbar. This leads to royal retribution and eventually forces the two women to commit suicide.

Cast: Kanan Kaushal, Sohrab Modi, Urmila Bhatt

Crew: Chandrakant Sangani (Director)

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1975 (India)

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