Teen Adhyay (2020)

 ●  Hindi ● 0 hrs 22 mins

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As per ancient Indian philosophy, our life, events, emotions, relation, etc. all go through a circle of high and lows. What has germinated will come to an end and will germinate again only to perish... and so on. The cycle thus continues eternally. Conceptualised and shot during the national-wide Covid-19 lockdown, the film has three chapters – ‘Vipatti’ (Calamity), ‘Utpatti’ (Germination) and ‘Chakra’ (Continuity). It deals with connect between individuals across species, in times when the whole world was gripped in rupture and silence.

Cast: Shubham Sahoo

Crew: Subash Sahoo (Director)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2020 (India)

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Film Type:
Short Film
Colour Info:
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.39:1 (Scope)