The 33 (2015)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 8 mins

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Disaster strikes on Aug. 5, 2010, as a copper and gold mine collapses in Chile, trapping 33 men underground. With more than 2,000 feet of rock in their way, members of a rescue team work tirelessly for 69 days to save the seemingly doomed men. Beneath the rubble, the miners begin an epic quest to survive, contending with suffocating heat and the need for food and water. With family, friends and the rest of the world watching, it becomes a race against time and a test of the human spirit.

Cast: Antonio Banderas, Cote De Pablo, Rodrigo Santoro

Crew: Patricia Riggen (Director), Checco Varese (Director of Photography), James Horner (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India), PG (Singapore)

Genres: Drama, History, Biography

Release Dates: 15 Jan 2016 (India), 24 Dec 2015 (Malaysia), 18 Nov 2015 (Singapore)

Tagline: Hope Runs Deep

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Did you know? The Spanish actor Mario Casas pointed out in an interview that when he saw the documentary of the trapped Chilean miners he broke into tears Read More
enchi edupalaki

as Mario Sepúlveda
as Jessica Salgado
as Laurence Golborne
as Marta
as Cameraman
as Anderson Cooper
as Waitress
as Hettiz Berríos
as Miner
as President Sebastián Piñera
as Waitress
as Miner
Supporting Actor
as Victor Segovia
as Susana
as Skinny Miner
Supporting Actor
as Skinny Miner
as Miner
as Andre Sougarret
as Al Jazeera Anchor
as Skinny Miner
as Edison
Supporting Actor
as Engineers's Boss
as Igor Proestakis
as Foreman
as Darío Segovia
as María Segovia
as Waitress
as Katty Valdivia
as Waitress
as Luis Urzua
as Government People
as Álex Vega
as Don Francisco
as French TF1 Reporter
as News Reporter
as Escarlette Sepúlveda
Supporting Actress
as Yonni's Mother
as Al Jazeera Anchor
as Waitress
Supporting Actor
as BBC Reporter
as Miner


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Hope Runs Deep
Discover the miraculous true story
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Factual Mistake
Mamani recalls that the land the mine is located was Bolivian and was taken by Chile in 1881. He references the War of the Pacific (1879-1884), between Chile and an alliance between Peru and Bolivia. However, in common discussions about this subject, Chileans and Bolivians would reference the year 1879, when it began, instead of 1881.
Paulina García plays an aide to President Piñera and Minister Golborne's rival in the story, undermining him and denying his requests for the rescue. This character was created for dramatic purposes, but concentrates many politicians' and advisors' earliest views of the rescue

For dramatic purposes, the movie takes stories from several of the trapped miners into the main characters, such as Mario Sepúlveda's (Antonio Banderas) soccer playing daughter, and Jessica Salgado's (Cote de Pablo) pregnancy

Jennifer Lopez got the news that she landed a role in this movie, when she answered a cell phone call by her agent during an interview for Washington D.C., radio station Hot 99.5. She did not discuss any details but referred to it as a "small film"

Mexican actor Marco Trevino, who plays gospel miner Jose Henriquez-said in an interview: "We had the hardest first step was recorded within the mine. We were dirty, abandoned, working in the mine 12 hours a day"

The president of Chile, Sebastian Piñera received the cast in the government palace in Santiago, Chile

This movie mentioned in the TV show Entourage when actor Vinnie Chase wanted to roughly adapt the book

Due to lack of work, the rescued miners took roles in the production of the movie being filmed about its history in Copiapo, Chile

The only Bolivian miner Mamani refused an invitation to participate in the production of the film

Thieves broke into the set and stole four iPods and a pair of Sony Handycams on February 7, 2014. The cameras were not used in filming and there was no loss of footage

The Spanish actor Mario Casas did not attend the gala of the Goya Awards due to his preparation for the movie

Final film composed by James Horner, who died in less than two months before the release of the film

The Spanish actor Mario Casas pointed out in an interview that when he saw the documentary of the trapped Chilean miners he broke into tears

Juliette Binoche replaced Jennifer Lopez

Mario Sepulveda, one of the real 33 Chilean miners, met Antonio Banderas in Colombia during the first days of filming. He became supervisor of the extras for the movie

The director of the movie Patricia Riggen demanded the actors speak English as if he spoke Spanish with a Chilean Accent. This was very difficult for the actors

Bob Gunton pointed out in an interview that the most difficult to interpret President Sebastian Piñera of Chile were his "nervous tics"
Filming Start Date:
03 Dec 2013
Filming End Date:
20 Feb 2014