The Breakfast Club (1985)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 37 mins

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They were five students with nothing in common, faced with spending a Saturday detention together in their high school library. At 7 a.m., they had nothing to say, but by 4 p.m., they had bared their souls to each other and become good friends. To the outside world they were simply a Brain, an Athlete, a Basket Case, a Princess, and a Criminal, but to each other, they would always be the Breakfast Club.
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Cast: Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald

Crew: John Hughes (Director), Thomas Del Ruth (Director of Photography), Keith Forsey (Music Director)

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Release Dates: 15 Feb 1985 (India)

Tagline: They only met once, but it changed their lives forever.

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Did you know? The Breakfast Club was ranked #1 for Entertainment Weekly's Best High School Movies in 2006. Read More
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as Andrew Clark
as John Bender
as Claire Standish
as Allison Reynolds
as Brian Johnson
as Allison's Mom
as Carl
as Brian's Sister
as Brian's Mom
as Richard Vernon
as Allison's Father
as Andy's Father
as Claire's Father


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They only met once, but it changed their lives forever.
Five strangers with nothing in common, except each other.
Factual Mistake
"Illinois Film Commission" is misspelled "Illinois Film Comission" in the end credits.

Character Error
In the opening sequence of the movie, there will be a newspaper with a wrestling article featuring Andrew "Clarke". In the end credits, Andy's last name is spelled as "Clark".

In a scene, when they are having lunch the cans of Coca-Colas are changed in between Coca-Cola Classic and "New" Coke.

During the discussion in the Club, Claire's hairstyle changes back and forth from one shot to an another.

The clock in the library keeps changing during the same scenes throughout the movies

When Bender sticks the knife in the chair and it was leaning slightly towards the left side of the screen. The movie cuts to Andy, and when it comes back to Bender where Allison steals the knife. Now leaning to the right side of the screen.

When the principal and Carl are talking in the filing room, the label card on the file drawer is slanted up in the sideways. It is perfectly down in the next shot, then switched back to up and slanted.

Pimples on Claire's chin appear and disappear throughout the movie.

After Claire puts on her lipstick, she puts the cap on and keeps it inside her purse. In the next shot, it will be seen in her hand again, and then she puts it away for the second time.
John Hughes took only two days to write the screenplay for The Breakfast Club.

They used Parmesan Cheese to create snowflakes in the pencil drawing which Allison drew.

Molly Ringwald was the first cast for the role of Allison but then she wanted to play as Claire, so she convinced John Hughes and the studio, then she got to play as Claire.

The coke cans that the teenagers drink from have the Olympic sign to represent the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

Anthony Michael Hall's mother, Mercedes Hall and younger sister, Mary Christian played the characters of Brian's mother and sister in the movie.

The Breakfast Club was ranked #1 for Entertainment Weekly's Best High School Movies in 2006.

Claire's entire ensemble was purchased from a Ralph Lauren store, the only one which was present in Chicago at that time

The marijuana, the actors smokes in the film was actually oregano.

Director John Hughes actually attended Glenbrook North High School, one of the schools where the movie was filmed.

The other proposed titles were "The Lunch Bunch" and "Library Revolution".