The Clock: Spirits Awakening (2020)

 ●  Central Khmer ● 2 hrs 0 mins

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After her mother left her family, Cheata lives with her father and her stepmother who often abuses her physically and mentally. This leaves her in a deep state of depression and every night she puts herself to sleep by listening to her mom's lullaby and looking at her old photo which barely heals her. Her state of mind lures the spirit of a French lady that possesses a clock, who died in 1940 following the death of her clock engineer boyfriend. She had committed suicide listening to the song called Gloomy Sunday which resulted in the suicidal death of many. She returns to fulfill the desires of people who suffer from depression.

Cast: Khul Samanta, Nov Dana, Sorn Piseth

Crew: Leak Lyda (Director), Jean Chhor (Director of Photography)

Genres: Horror

Release Dates: 13 Aug 2020 (Malaysia), 06 Aug 2020 (Singapore)

Tagline: If You Don't Need Them, Someone Else Will.

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as Cheata
as Chenda
as Virak
as Saynop
as Jean Batise
as Sai
as Roth
as Noun
as Lyly
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as Sin
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Central Khmer
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Dolby Surround 7.1
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24 fps
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If You Don't Need Them, Someone Else Will.