The Closet (2020)

 ●  Korean ● 1 hr 38 mins

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Architect Sang Won has lost his wife to a sudden accident and he decides to relocate to a new house with his daughter, Yi Na, to restore his estranged relationship. One day Yi Na becomes surprisingly cheerful and claims that she has a new friend, strange noises start coming from Yi Na's closet and she starts acting abnormally. Sang Won begins to have strange dreams, and his daughter then suddenly disappears. He a call from a mysterious man named Kyung Hoon, who tells him that Yi Na is not the first one to disappear and that he has been looking for 32 other missing children for the last 10 years. Sang Won joins forces with Kyung Hoon to find his daughter and solve the mystery of the missing children.

Cast: Ha Jung-woo, Heo Yool, Kim Nam-gil

Crew: Kim Kwang-bin (Director), Michael Werner Maas (Music Director)

Rating: NC16 (Singapore), P13 (Malaysia)

Genres: Horror, Mystery

Release Dates: 27 Feb 2020 (Malaysia), 27 Feb 2020 (Singapore), 14 Feb 2020 (United States), 05 Feb 2020 (South Korea)

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as Sang Won
as Yi Na
as Kyung Hoon
as Abusive parent
as Do Hyun
as Eoduksini
as Young Kyung Hoon
as Eoduksini 2
as Real estate agency boss
as Myung Jin
as Myung Jin's mother
as Detective
as Eoduksini
as Junior
as Shaman
as Myung Jin's father
as Sang Won's stand-in
as Eoduksini






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