The Congress (2014)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 2 mins

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Poignant and emotionally-charged, this is a contemporary drama that depicts the complex sequence of events that unfold when an aging actress takes an impulsive decision. As she has developed a reputation for being fickle and unreliable, nobody is willing to offer her roles anymore. She agrees to sell the movie rights to her digital image to Miramount Studios (a portmanteau of Miramax and Paramount Studios) in exchange for a hefty sum and the promise to never act again. After her body is digitally scanned, the studio will be able to make films starring her using only computer-generated characters. Twenty years later, her character attends the Futurological Congress, which showcases Miramount's new technology that allows people to transform themselves into animated avatars. In this mutable illusory state, they can become anything they want to be, be it a perfectly seductive goddess or their favorite action hero. Miramount wants to sell her image to punters, allowing them to transform themselves into her. She agrees to the deal but has a crisis of conscience, and does not believe she or anyone else should be turned into a product. She publicly voices her views, enraging the hosts of the Congress. Shortly afterwards, the Congress is attacked by rebels ideologically opposed to the technology. Robin hallucinates her own execution. The doctors decide that Robin is so ill, she must be frozen until a time when a treatment for her mental illness is found. She is revived many years later.
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Did you know? Cate Blanchett was initially approached to star in the film. Read More
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as Dylan Truliner
as Robin Wright
as Christopher Ryne
as Head Physician v27
as Jeff
as Reeve Bobs
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as Aaron Wright
as Maxi
as Dr. Barker
as Sarah Wright
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The interior of the huge dome where the futuristic congress takes place, during the animated sequence, is based on the Reich's Great Hall, a massive project made by Hitler and his Minister of Defense, Albert Speer. The building, if it had been built, would have been 1000 ft. tall and able to house 15,000 spectators, making it the largest interior space up to date.

Cate Blanchett was initially approached to star in the film.

The cinematography for the live-action scenes is by Michal Englert, the Polish cameraman who recently won the Sundance Festival's Best Cinematography award for his work on Jacek Borcuch's Lasting.

This movie has been remade from the Hebrew language 2013 French-Israeli live action/animation film by Ari Folman.