The Conjuring - 2 (2016)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 14 mins

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Authors Ed and Lorraine Warren travel to England to investigate a poltergeist activity occurring at a council house in Enfield.

Cast: Frances O'Connor, Franka Potente, Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga

Crew: James Wan (Director), Don Burgess (Director of Photography), Joseph Bishara (Music Director)

Rating: A (India)

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Release Dates: 10 Jun 2016 (India), 09 Jun 2016 (Malaysia), 09 Jun 2016 (Singapore), 21 Jul 2016 (United Arab Emirates)

Tagline: The next true story from the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren

Movie Rating
Based on 9 ratings
8 user 37 critic
Music Rating
Based on 7 ratings
8 user 37 critic
Did you know? The movie was originally given a October 23, 2015 release date. But as of October 21, 2014, the movie was pushed to June, 2016. Read More
Resist evil and you will be free from all "

Conjuring #2.. The one liner for this movie is ...."Resist evil and you will be free from all " !
A well performed role by the small girl Nancy , The whole theater had to applaud on her performance on how she was made to be possessed n for her age trying to save her family and another side when isolated from everyone including her dear friends and siblings... 'The Conjuring 2' is intriguing but not terrifying as expected ! Not that I nor my friends didnot jump out of their seats or me n us screamed ...:P A must watch movie in a good theater for the BGM to have the real effect of the movie ...wonderful screenplay and the twists and turns which made sense in the end of the movie and to know this was a true story..appreciate the guts of the girl in real world and her mother who supported her unconditionally, Special mention towards Lorraine and Ed Warren for their belief ! A movie which has to be watched only in movies ! Enjoy your weekend with Conjuring

Good horror movies to watch

I like the movie very much.

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Conjuring 2 has mild horror elements and not as good as conjuring 1

This movie has many resemblance to Insidious part 3. conjuring 2 could me more furious. But the standard of movie making has decreased. James wan should have made the film better.

A Perfect Thriller movie with Amazing Background Score...!!!

Just Watched The Conjuring - 2 movie last saturday, it was nice, better & more creeper than First part, Cinematography was brilliant, Different Angles shot with Scary Background will take to you a New Experience, James Wan was Brilliant doing the Thriller Genre movies, but need to concentrate more on story, Anyway this Sequel is based on a True Story.

expectation fulfilled

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The next true story from the case files of Ed and Lorraine Warren
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Dubbed into: The Conjuring 2 (Telugu)
Dubbed into: The Conjuring 2 (Hindi)
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Revealing Mistakes
The layout of the house is very unusual for a UK property of this age. At the top of stairs is the bathroom with a bedroom at back, front of house has small bedroom over stairs and larger bedroom to right of it. Also the rooms are way oversized for the style off house they show at beginning of movie.

When Ed goes to retrieve Janet from the closet, he burns his left forearm on a hot pipe. When he eventually gets her out and falls to the ground, the burn mark isn't there. Then, in a later scene, the burn mark appears.

When Lorraine is marking up the Bible, Kitty Kelly's biography of Nancy Reagan can be seen on the bookshelf. That book was not written until 1991.

The width of the wall between the front outside door and the bay windows varies between shots. The wall width of the actual location shot is roughly five times smaller than the studio shot. This is noticeable throughout the entire film and is highlighted by the placement of the old leather chair and the size of the hallway.

Factual Mistake
In the scene where Janet is home sick from school, after she hangs up the phone with her mom who called to check on her, she uses the remote to flip back to the station she was watching, and the first station she flips to reveals an adult Jon Bon Jovi in mid-song. Since the story did not take place until 1977, Jon Bon Jovi would have been only 14 to 15 years old, a full 6 years before being discovered.

Factual Mistake
When the sound operator, sent by the polytechnic, is recording various sounds around the house, he points his microphone at an open door leading to the garden. He picks up the sound of crickets chirping. Since this is North London in late December, the chances of hearing crickets are virtually impossible.

Factual Mistake
Near the beginning of the film, Janet and her brothers and sister are seen leaving Enfield Grammar school. This school has always been and still is, an all-boys secondary school. So not only would Janet and Margaret not be allowed to attend, neither would their brothers are they were both too young.
On the first day of shooting, a priest was brought in to bless the set.

James Wan was offered a "life altering" amount of money in order to direct Fast 8 (2017). However, he turned the opportunity down to direct The Conjuring 2 (2016). "I feel rejuvenated to tell a scary story one more time", James Wan said on Instagram.

As of October 2014, original The Conjuring (2013) director, James Wan, was confirmed to return for the sequel.

Writer David Leslie Johnson from the popular show The Walking Dead (2010) was hired to rewrite this movie for theaters.

The movie was originally given a October 23, 2015 release date. But as of October 21, 2014, the movie was pushed to June, 2016.

The same story was told in the mini series "The Enfield haunting" which came out a year ago

Unlike the original film, which was filmed with hopes of getting a PG-13 rating (though the studio and filmmakers were ultimately OK with the R that the MPAA assigned), the sequel was both written and directed with the intention that it get an R rating, which is in fact what the MPAA granted it.

David Thewlis and Vera Farmiga have worked together previously, starring as the mother and father in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.
Filming Start Date:
21 Sep 2015
Filming End Date:
01 Dec 2015