The Dark Knight (2008)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 32 mins

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Based on the DC comics character Batman, this sequel to Batman Begins (2005) opens at a time when Gotham's new district attorney has just been elected. His name is Harvey Dent, and he has a radical new agenda that threatens to take down Gotham's organized crime underworld once and for all with an iron fist. But the emergence of the rogue vigilante known as Batman has caused problems for Dent and his agenda. A new criminal mastermind known only as "The Joker" has arrived and aims to take Gotham out from under Harvey Dent's iron fist. The Joker stages a masterfully planned bank robbery and robs the Gotham mob blind. He uses this money to stage a series of horrific and strategic attacks against the city and its' people - each one carefully planned and aimed at Dent and Batman while causing the rest of the city to enter panic mode. Meanwhile, Batman thinks he might have found a lead to The Joker thanks to Wayne Enterprises' dealings with a shady Chinese banker, and that takes Batman and Alfred to Hong Kong. The Joker has no rules, but Batman has only one, and the Joker aims to make Batman break his only rule. But who will be the one to take him out - will it be rogue vigilante Batman or will it be elected official Harvey Dent, the new hero with a face?
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Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Christian Bale, Heath Ledger

Crew: Christopher Nolan (Director), Wally Pfister (Director of Photography), Hans Zimmer (Music Director), James Newton Howard (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Release Dates: 18 Jul 2008 (India)

Tagline: I Believe In Harvey Dent.

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Did you know? Heath Ledger said in an interview that the Joker was his favorite role. Read More
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I Believe In Harvey Dent.
The night is darkest before the dawn.
Out of the darkness...comes the Knight.
Welcome to a world without rules.
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Audio/Video Mismatch
In their final confrontation, when Batman struggles to get off the net, and the Joker tries to stab him with something, you hear the Joker's voice saying "All the old familiar places", but his lips never move.

Audio/Video Mismatch
When the school bus smashes through the wall during the bank heist, the goon that's supposed to get killed flies backward before the bus even gets near him, even thought there's a sound effect to suggest it hit him.

Audio/Video Mismatch
When Bruce is lounging on the cruise ship scene, he says, "You look tired, Alfred." In the next shot he puts down his cup and says, "You'll be alright without me?" but his lips don't move.

Audio/Video Mismatch
In the early vault scene, Lt. Gordon's speaking voice is also altered by mistake when he follows Batman, as Gordon says "we'd have to hit all the banks simultaneously, SWAT teams, backup": his voice is accidentally audio-"soured" as well.

Character Error
While planning to get into Hong Kong, Wayne says that he will use Korean smugglers who will fly under the radar the entire way there, and HALO jump out of the plane to get to the ground. HALO stands for High Altitude/Low Opening and the jumps are around 30,000 feet, well within radar range.

Character Error
When talking to Lucius about the cell phone surveillance device, Bruce says that "The database is null-key encrypted. Only one person can access it." In reality, null key encryption is an encryption scheme that doesn't change data at all, and is for when plaintext data is mandatory.

Character Error
Reese meets with Fox and shows him the Tumbler blueprints he's discovered. What is clearly the right side of the vehicle is marked on the print as the left elevation.

As Batman interrogates the Joker, you can see that the amount of make-up on the Joker's forehead changes between the shots from almost fully covered to nearly disappeared (because of the slam on the table).

When Lucius Fox is showing Bruce Wayne the new Batman armor, Wayne picks up a wrist-guard with plates that are designed to separate at the press of a button. Wayne launches the plates by mistake, but when he places the wrist-guard back into place, the plates are still there.

During the bank heist scene, The Joker's hair changes from a natural brown color, to green right when he walks past the bus after it just crashed through the bank's wall.

Two ferries are shown leaving Gotham just as the sun is going down. Later, it is established to be just shy of midnight, which would mean the ferries have been traveling for at least a few hours. Yet, the ferries are still shown as though they have just departed the harbor.
This film is the first Batman movie to not have 'Batman' in it's title.

Heath Ledger said in an interview that the Joker was his favorite role.

After the Joker exits the hospital, the pause in the explosions was scripted, but Heath Ledger's actions while it was stopped were unscripted.

The first comic book movie to ever win an Oscar for achievement in acting, specifically to Heath Ledger (posthumously) for his supporting role as The Joker.

In the early minutes of each film in the trilogy the main villain (Ra's Al Guhl, Joker, Bane) disguises himself as one of his own henchmen and there is a conversation about said villain in each scene.

The Joker's distinctive tongue flip grew out of Heath Ledger's own habit of doing that.

While filming the chase scene with the Joker and the SWAT vans, one of only four IMAX cameras in the world at that time was destroyed.

The first film to be ranked #1 on the IMDb within two days of its theatrical release.

Christopher Nolan and his co-writers, Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer, made the decision very early on not to explore The Joker's origins. This was so the character could be presented as an "absolute".

The character of Reese is an allusion to The Riddler, who attempts to reveal the identity of Batman. Much like Edward Nygma whose name sounds like "enigma" (as in E. Nygma), Mr. Reese sounds like "mysteries".

While the film is dedicated to Heath Ledger, it also bears a dedication to Conway Wickliffe, a stuntman who was killed when the car he was driving crashed.

Bruce Wayne drives a Lamborghini Murcielago in the movie. The Spanish word for "bat" is "murciélago".

This is the first Batman movie where Batman operates outside of Gotham.

According to Christopher Nolan, Bruce Wayne's reasons for needing a new Batsuit (to be faster and more agile) were, in fact, the real reasons why Nolan wanted the Batsuit to be redesigned for this film.

Christian Bale got to keep the Batman mask from the movie, after filming. He wanted to keep the entire uniform but he did not have enough room for it.

Heath Ledger's posthumous Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor as the Joker was coincidentally announced on the first anniversary of his death.

Heath Ledger's Best Supporting Actor Oscar win marks the first time an Academy Award has been awarded in a major category to a comic book movie.

During the Hong Kong action scene (to bring Lau back), Batman shoots time-bombs on the glass which has a time of 2:22 minutes. The bombs explode almost exactly after 2 minutes 20 seconds in real time, which shows that the action could happen in almost 2 minutes.

Cillian Murphy reprises his role as Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow from Batman Begins (2005) in this film. This makes him the first actor to reprise the role of a Batman villain in the whole film series.

During the chase scene, when the Joker takes over driving the semi after his driver is killed, the bullet holes on the windshield form a smiley face.