The Dressmaker (2015)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 59 mins

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In 1950s Australia, beautiful, talented dressmaker Tilly returns to her tiny hometown to right wrongs from her past. As she tries to reconcile with her mother, she starts to fall in love while transforming the fashion of the town.

Cast: Hugo Weaving, Judy Davis, Kate Winslet, Liam Hemsworth

Crew: Jocelyn Moorhouse (Director), Donald McAlpine (Director of Photography), David Hirschfelder (Music Director)

Rating: PG13 (Singapore)

Genres: Drama, Western

Release Dates: 29 Oct 2015 (Austria), 28 Jan 2016 (Singapore), 17 Mar 2016 (United Arab Emirates)

Tagline: Revenge is back in fashion

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Did you know? Shooting of the film was interrupted several times as wild emus interrupted the scenes Read More
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as Sergeant Farrat
as Molly Dunnage
as Myrtle
as Teddy McSwiney
as Young Barney
as Marigold Pettyman
as Nancy Pickett
as Percival Almanac
as Elsbeth
as Mae McSwiney
as Young Nancy
as Detective
as Barney McSwiney
as Prudence
as William Beaumont
as Eric
as Irma Almanac
as Beulah Harridiene
as Singer at Football Dance
as Young Molly
as Reginald Blood
as Young Gertrude
as Beatrix
as Muriel Pratt
as Stewart Pettyman
as Doctor
as Una Pleasance
as Margaret McSwiney
as Gertrude 'Trudy' Pratt
as Evan Pettyman
as Alvin Pratt
as Photographer
as Septimus Crescant
as Lois Pickett


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Red Epic
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24 fps
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Revenge is back in fashion
A film about love, revenge and haute couture.
In the scene where (grownup) Tilly is in the classroom with the teacher, the alphabet on the top of the blackboard is missing the letter "R"

Factual Mistake
Tilly is carrying a Singer sewing machine by the handle on the top of the case. These machines were not designed to be carried that way - the handle is just to lift the case on and off. In addition, the case is only meant to cover the machine, and the cover's clips are not strong enough to hold the heavy machine, and would fail

The Singer was operated by a knee lever that stored within the case when closed and then was pulled out and slotted into the bed of the machine leaving both hands free to guide the fabric. Very portable for the era

When Tilly arrives in town, she's carrying a case for a manually operated Singer sewing machine. Later on, when we see her at work, there's no handle on the side of the machine and she's clearly using both hands to guide the fabric

When Tilly bribes Sgt. Farrat with the feather boa in front of the petrol bowser, it can be clearly seen to read "cents per gallon". In 1951 dollars and cents were still 15 years in the future. It should have read shillings and pence per gallon

In 1951, the characters talk about being children (in 1926) and playing at Superman. The first Superman comic was not published until 1938
Jocelyn Moorhouse first film since 'A Thousand Acres'. She has two children with autism and most of her time off has been dedicated to them

The first of two films in which Kate Winslet and Sarah Snook have worked on together. The second was Steve Jobs (2015). The Dressmaker was shot in 2014 and released in 2015, while Steve Jobs was shot and released in 2015

Jocelyn Moorhouse described the film as "Unforgiven with a sewing machine"

Received a standing ovation when it premiered at Toronto Film Festival in the Roy Thompson Hall which holds about 2,400 people

Tilly's sewing machine is a Singer 201K2. They were incredibly sturdy and very expensive, costing the equivalent of up to 6 months wages for a working woman. They are still considered one of the best sewing machines by professional dressmakers and tailors

300 mice were used for the scenes in the silo

Elizabeth Debicki and Isla Fisher were both originally attached for supporting roles

Spend 13 years in development before filming began

The red dress and coat worn by Kate Winslet are made from a silk moire fabric found in Milan 25 years before it was used in the film

Sarah Snook's favorite costume from the film is the wedding dress her character gets to wear

The fictional town of Dungatar was build from scratch as no town in Victoria, Australia, matched production designer Roger Ford's wish to achieve a Western town with Australian characteristics

Kate Winslet and Judy Davis had a hard time keeping a straight face while filming the scene where Liam Hemsworth's strips off to get a measurement

Production was pushed back a year to accommodate Kate Winslet's pregnancy with husband Ned RocknRoll

Kate Winslet learned to sew for her part. Following this, she assisted Margot Wilson in creating the costumes for her character. Wilson was exclusively hired to create the outfits for Winslet's character

Shooting of the film was interrupted several times as wild emus interrupted the scenes

Production was pushed back a year to accommodate Kate Winslet's pregnancy with husband Ned RocknRoll. Elizabeth Debicki and Isla Fisher were both originally attached for supporting roles.
Filming Start Date:
17 Oct 2014
Filming End Date:
13 Dec 2014