The Film (2005)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 24 mins

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Widowed Mrs. Braganza rents her house to seven struggling wanna-be film artistes, who want to make it big in Bollywood, they are Sushmita Banerjee who wants to be a writer; Aditya Sharma who hopes to take over from Shahrukh Khan; pretty Ankita Kulkarni who wants to be an actress and is in love with Aditya; Nandini Shetty who fancies herself a future Lata Mangeshkar; Irfan wants to be a lyricist; while Raman and Vijay want to be music director and actor respectively. Their aspirations lead them to naught and they are even unable to pay rent to Mrs. Braganza for nearly 5 months. When Bollywood big-wigs are killed by Shameembhai, a Dubai-based extortionist, the seven hit upon a plan to make easy money by pretending to be Shameem's henchmen. The plan goes well, Sharad Shah, a diamond merchant, is abducted and a huge sum along with diamonds are extorted. The seven hide the loot in Sushmita's vacant property outside Mumbai city limits. The seven then settle down until this incident dies down, so that they can begin producing their very own movie and become rich. Then things go awry when Inspector Javed Khan, whose cellphone was stolen by Irfan, identifies him, but before he could arrest him, Irfan is abducted by Shameem's men, is severely beaten and falsely confesses that he is from Murlidharan's gang. Shameem is informed and thereafter Irfan is killed. A panic-stricken Nandini goes to inform the Police, but is killed before she gets there. The Police find her body and trace her to Mrs. Braganza's house, but are unable to locate the culprits. Mrs. Braganza is arrested, is humiliated, and ends up killing herself. The five friends, on the run from both the police and gangsters, hole up in the country side with Raman's blind mentor, Guruji. Raman is injured accidentally and is taken to hospital during the merry-making festival of Holi, where he passes away. Now only four, they must now find a way to not only keep the money, but also keep alive. The question is will they make it or will they all end up getting killed?
Did you know? The film was initially titled Khatra Hain. Read More
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as Inspector Javed Khan
as Film-maker Kanti Gulati
as Diamond Man Sharad Shah
as Nandini Shetty
as Ankita Kulkarni
as Currupt Police officer
as Voice over for Shameem bhai
as Vijay Khatri
as Sushmita Banerjee
as Police Commissioner
as Mr Mehta
as Music Dir Pappi Da
as Director Kaushik
as Raman Rawal
as Guruji
as Police #2
as Mrs Braganza
as Aditya 'Adi' Sharma
as Irfan Luckhnawi




Production Company
Executive Producer


Screenplay Writer
Story Writer
Dialogue Writer

Camera and Electrical

Director of Photography


Art Director



Costume and Wardrobe

Costume Designer


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2.39:1 (Scope)
The film was initially titled Khatra Hain.