The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 38 mins

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'The Grand Budapest Hotel' recounts the adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. The crux of the story involves the theft and recovery of a priceless Renaissance painting, and the battle for an enormous family fortune. Of course, all these complex events happen against the backdrop of a suddenly and dramatically changing continent.

Cast: Adrien Brody, Ralph Fiennes

Crew: Wes Anderson (Director), Robert D Yeoman (Director of Photography), Alexandre Desplat (Music Director)

Rating: A (India)

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Release Dates: 28 Mar 2014 (India), 28 Mar 2014 (United States)

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Did you know? This is the highest-grossing of writer/director Wes Anderson's films to date. Read More
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as Dmitri
as M Gustave
as M Ivan
as M Martin
as Henckels
as Mr Moustafa
as M Robin
as Pinky
as Serge's Sister
as Ludwig
as M Jean
as Deputy Kovacs
as Young Writer
as Wolf
as Mr Mosher
as Clotilde
as Serge X
as Lieutenant
as M Chuck
as Agatha
as Madame D
as Author
as Zero
as Gunther
as M Georges
as M Dino
as Jopling





Story Writer

Camera and Electrical

Director of Photography


Music Director


Casting Director

Costume and Wardrobe

Costume Designer


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Frame Rate:
24 fps
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1.85:1 (Flat), 2.35:1
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Dubbed into: The Grand Budapest Hotel (Hindi)
Tilda Swinton spent five hours on make-up to play eighty-four-year-old dowager Madame D.

Wes Anderson reported that the cast stayed in the same hotel, the Hotel Börse in Görlitz, Germany during principal photography. He insisted all make-up and costume fittings happen in the hotel lobby to speed up filming. The owner of the hotel appears in the film as an extra working the front desk of the Grand Budapest Hotel. After filming would end for the day, the crew would often return to find him the front desk of their own hotel.

This is the highest-grossing of writer/director Wes Anderson's films to date.

The scene where Ludwig (Harvey Keitel) says "Good luck, kid!" before slapping Zero (Tony Revolori) across the face was shot forty-two times until Bill Murray was satisfied. Keitel actually slapped Revolori each time.

Unlike most films, everytime a newspaper article appears, it contains a complete depiction of the events in the headline, all written by writer/director Wes Anderson.