The Nice Guys (2016)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 56 mins

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An odd pair of private investigators look into the suicide of a failing porn star.
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Cast: Angourie Rice, Kim Basinger, Margaret Qualley, Matt Bomer, Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling

Crew: Shane Black (Director), Philippe Rousselot (Director of Photography), David Buckley (Music Director), John Ottman (Music Director)

Rating: A (India)

Genres: Action, Crime, Comedy, Mystery, Thriller

Release Dates: 03 Jun 2016 (India), 26 May 2016 (Malaysia), 19 May 2016 (Singapore), 26 May 2016 (United Arab Emirates)

Tagline: Nice pair

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Did you know? There's a Tim Allen marquee for a comedy show in the back round towards the end of the movie Read More
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as Holly March
as Judith Kuttner
as Amelia Kuttner
as John Boy
as Jackson Healy
as Holland March
as Party Girl #2
as Gala Heiress
as Nun
as Bartender at Mermaid Bar
as Hippy Girl
as Blueface
as Pornstar
as Mexican Restaurant Bartender
as Young Beauty
as Dog Walker
as Exotic Girl at Sid's
as Japanese Auto Executive
as Teddy Bear Girl
as Jessica
as Muscle Car Driver
as Gas Station Truck Driver
as Paulsen-in-Porn
as Porn Director
as Radio Annoucer
as City Hall Official
as Officer McMillan
as Flight Deck Bartender
as Bergen Paulsen
as Stand Up Comic
as Spit Take Patron
as Die-In Protester #7
as Maintenance Man
as Bumble
as Bobby's Mom
as Cashier
as Smoker at Protest
as Protester
as Chet
as The Village People Chief
as Healy's ex-wife
as Paramedic
as Peep Show Employee
as Painted Girl
as Dork
as Party Guest
as Tally-in-Porn
as Gala Woman
as Older Guy
as Spoon Girl
as Kid on Bike
as Die-In Protester #5
as Die-In Protestor #2
as Pocahontas
as Mrs. Glenn
as Janet
as Contortionist
as Bar Patron
as Valet at Sid's
as Bartender at Sid's
as Die-In Protester #1
as Car Show Bartender
as Car Show Model
as Medic #1
as Pornookio
as Cab Driver
as Misty Mountains
as Medic #2
as Mansion party patron
as White Rabbit
as Body Guard
as Tube top chick
as Party Girl #1
as Fred's Widow
as Bar Patron
as Die-In Protester #4
as Bodyguard
as Black Tie Gala Guest
as Comedy Store Waitress
as Porn star party guest
as Perry the Lawyer
as Protester
as Reporter
as Protester
as Bourbon Bartender
as Bobby
as Die-In Protestor #3
as Japanese Car Executive
as Tally
as Young Porn Queen
as Auto Gala Attende
as Die-In Protester #6


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Nice pair
Holly's bedroom has posters of the band Blondie on the wall. Although Blondie existed in 1977, they were virtually unknown in the US outside of the New York punk/new wave scene. They did not become widely known and popular until their breakthrough single, "Heart of Glass" released in January, 1979. The logo used appears to be post-1979.

Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum was not introduced in the US until 1984.

Blondie's first album was released in 1978, but the film takes place in December 1977.

Despite this film taking place in 1977, a poster for Jaws 2 can be seen; even though the movie didn't really come out until next year, plus advertisements wouldn't have been feasible for a movie, that's not yet been released during that same time.

The song Escape (The Piña Colada Song), by Rupert Holmes was released in September of 1979, but the movie is set in 1977. It would not have been available for play in 1977.

During a scene that takes place at the 1978 Detroit Auto Show you can hear the song Escape (by Rupert Holmes) being played in the background. That song was not released until 1979.

An egg shaped bowl of sweets changes position in one of the shots between the conversation of Judith, Jackson and Holland.

Factual Mistake
During a drive through Los Angeles, there's a large billboard advertising "Jaws 2." However, Jaws 2 wasn't released until June of 1978, a full year after the events of 'The Nice Guys."

Factual Mistake
The film, set in 1977, features several movie billboards including "Airport '77" and "Smokey and the Bandit", both released in the Spring of 1977. However it also features a billboard of "Jaws 2," which was not released until June 1978.

Factual Mistake
Cavalier magazine never had "fold-out" 3-page centerfolds.

ALERT. The plot called for the porn film to be spliced into the middle of another movie. Then only a couple of minutes later the porn film has been spliced back out of the movie and rolled up in its original canister.
The project was initially proposed as a TV series but was re-tooled as a film after the pilot seemed to be going nowhere.

One of the film's nods to "The Rockford Files" is the yellow pages ad for Gosling's detective agency. It is almost a complete copy of the ad used for Jim Rockford.

Like fellow PI Jim Rockford, Gosling keeps his gun in a cookie jar.

First film directed by Shane Black to not star Robert Downey Jr..

Cast member Jack Kilmer is the son of Val Kilmer. Shane Black directed Val Kilmer in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" (2005).

While Ryan Gosling's character is often shown carrying or lighting a cigarette, he is never shown smoking. The closest he comes is a single puff required to start a cigarette burning.

The film takes place in 1977 and mentions 'The Big Three' U. S. Automakers. However, in 1977 it was 'The Big Four': General Motors, Ford, Chrysler-Plymouth - and American Motors.

The porn star Misty Mountains is named after one of the film's production companies.

Most of the interjected humor for the plot are based on the true events of Jay Joseph, a Marine Corps veteran who also worked as a private investigator and mole while stationed in Beaufort, South Carolina in the mid-to-late 1990s. Producer Joel Silver had briefly met Joseph while he was performing contract work at Silver's Auldbrass Plantation estate in 1999. Joseph's adventures as a young, new investigator, paralleled with his tenacity as a Marine, seemed to always lead to him being placed in comical - albeit dangerous - situations. Silver always thought that some of these events would be great fodder for a detective plot. Some of these stories, simply through word of mouth, were also used in the 2005 film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, written by Shane Black, who also wrote The Nice Guys. One quote in particular for this movie, ''You're the world's worst detective'', was a line that was actually spoken by Joseph's younger sister after he told her a story about sleeping with a woman that he was supposed to be conducting surveillance on for adultery. This was one of many missteps in Joseph's private investigation career, and most of these are the integral points of humor for the film. Joseph, now the Executive Director for the USMC-themed company Born On Parris Island, still openly discusses and contributes his past experiences to writers. It was recently discovered that the upcoming Martin Scorcese mob film, The Irishman, based around the life and times of Frank Sheeran, a Philadelphia Union leader and reputed mob hit man who is suspected of assassinating Jimmy Hoffa, is also Joseph's great uncle. Today, Joseph lives in New Hope, Minnesota, where he still works actively within the Organized retail crime (ORC) industry.

Downtown Atlanta doubled for 1970's Los Angeles during filming. Prop cars were given California plates and a car was painted to resemble a 70's era L.A. cab, "Hollywood Taxi Co".

When Ryan Gosling first steps out of the adult theater, in the background, one movie marquee is advertising "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang," the first movie ever directed by Shane Black.

There's a Tim Allen marquee for a comedy show in the back round towards the end of the movie

During March's opening monologue about the downturn of society, a porno theatre in the background is playing "Bang Bang Kiss Kiss," a play on Shane Black's earlier film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005).

A guest at the porno producer's party who is dressed up like Pinocchio says, "It's not my nose that grows". "It's not his nose that grows" was the tagline for a 1970's pornographic version of Pinocchio.

First reunion of Russell Crowe and Kim Basinger since L.A. Confidential (1997) and also second time Russell Crowe and Ty Simpkins are together in a movie, the first was in The next three days (2010).

The second movie that Jack Kilmer and Margaret Qualley have done together. The first one was Palo Alto.

There are several references to Lord of the Rings, including: Misty Mountains the porn star shares her name with the mountains in The Hobbit, Holland wears a ring around his neck clasped with a metal chain similar to Frodo, and at a party in Bel Air, there is a man dressed up as a Tree Ent.

The movie occurs in 1977 in which year Pink Floyd realised Animals album. Pig is an important symbol coming from this album. During the movie, several times notepapers whose shapes like pig appears. They are also pink. So, these notepapers may refer Pink Floyd's iconic pig.

Holland (Ryan Gosling) has a birdlke drawing on his cast, perhaps in reference to the last name of the actor playing him as a gosling is a small bird.

The movie take place in the year 1977 and a couple of songs in the film did not excist during that year. 1 is Boogie Wonderland by Earth Wind and fire which was written in 1979 and Get down on it by Kool and the gang and that song did not come out until 1982

Ty Sympkin's previously starred in Iron man 3 (2013 which was also directed Shane Black.

When Jackson and Holland are driving at night, you can see movie poster's for Airport '77' (1977) which came out the year this movie takes place in and Jaw's 2 (1978) which came the year after.

Writer/Director Shane Black also wrote Lethal Weapon. Both movies are LA-based mysteries that start with a naked dead girl on top of a wrecked car.
Filming Start Date:
27 Oct 2014