The Poker House (2008)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 33 mins

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Dark and disturbing, this haunting drama one single day in the life of three abused and neglected sisters, Agnes (age 14) (Jennifer Lawrence), Bee (age 12) (Sophi Bairley), and Cammie (age 8) (Chloë Grace Moretz). Their mother, Sarah (Selma Blair), a woman who has turned to prostitution to support the girls, is forced into alcohol and drug abuse by her pimp, Duval (Bokeem Woodbine). Because of this, Sarah is unable to care for the girls, forcing Agnes into a position of being a mother to her two younger sisters. The three girls live in the mother's whorehouse, the Poker House, where neighborhood pimps and criminals gather to play poker as well. Agnes believes Duval loves her, as a boyfriend would, despite his abuse towards her mother. How will Agnes and her sisters escape from reliving the same hopeless and nightmarish life as their mother was forced to? How will Agnes's relationship with Duval pan out? What does the future hold in store for Agnes?
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Cast: Javon Johnson, Jennifer Lawrence, Sophi Bairley

Crew: Lori Petty (Director), Ken Seng (Director of Photography), Michael Lloyd (Music Director)

Genres: Drama, Family, Film-Noir, Biography

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2008 (India)

Tagline: Lust, drugs and violence... no place for a kid.

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Did you know? Clarke Peters only worked for one day. Read More
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as 1st 'John'
as Bee
as Clyde Senior
as Duval
as Sheila
as Maurice
as drunk Lady
as Stymie
as Mooney
as Lincoln
as Deon
as Harold
as Burl
as Sarah
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Lust, drugs and violence... no place for a kid.
The Odds Are Against Them
The basketball game is a "five on five" game. High school girls played "six on six" basketball in Iowa until 1984.

When Duval rapes Agnes, he puts his left hand over her mouth. In some shots, his right hand is over her mouth.

Crew/Equipment Visible
When Agnes walks into the building to play her basketball game, the camera and operator are visible in the glass doors through which she enters.

Factual Mistake
During the basketball game, Agnes' coach was allowed to call a timeout when her team was not in possession of the basketball.

Revealing Mistakes
The 45 record would not play properly without the adapter in the center hole. The record would slide around the turntable once the needle was placed on it and the music would become distorted and the speed of the music would vary - it would continue to speed up and slow down during the entire record.
Jennifer Lawrence's father, Gary Lawrence, appears in the movie (uncredited) as the basketball coach of the other team.

Jennifer Lawrence was eighteen when she acted in this movie.

Shot in twenty-two days.

Selma Blair's big soliloquy in the bathroom was done in just two takes.

The interior and exterior of the poker house were two separate locations.

Clarke Peters only worked for one day.

David Alan Grier only worked for two days as an actor in this film.

After Jennifer Lawrence win the Academy Awards of Best Actress in 2013, Chloë Grace Moretz post a photo of the movie in her Instagram account remembering when they work together.

Mike Post composed the score as a favor to Lori Petty.

The film only got a UK release in 2015 and was released under the alternate title Behind Closed Doors

Jennifer Lawrence said that when she accepted her role for this movie, she hid the fact that her character got raped from her parents, afraid that they won't let her do the movie if they knew.