User Reviews for The Revenant

A emotional drama that is not for the fainthearted

The eerie silence, the frozen petals, molten glaciers, the background score, the goriness, the frosty landscape (last 20 min), the protagonist & antagonist they keep chiming in my mind. Its about 60 minutes since the movie got over but such is the effect of the movie. Story telling at it's best. This movie has taken three things to a whole new level 1) Visual imagery - Such a visual treat and as I had mentioned earlier those various facets still linger in your thoughts. 2) Goriness - Bison liver for dinner , Make shift sleep bag out of the carcass of a dead horse, getting mauled by a bear,lots & lots of blood, what not! This movie is not for the faint hearted. If you have watched GOT you can manage tongue emoticon 3) Story telling - Right from the onset to the end the screenplay is just picture perfect. The characters of the Protagonist & Antagonist has been chiselled to perfection. The pace of the movie though slow doesn't bore you and builds up to a very powerful climax. Iy reminded me a lot of Devar magan climax.They say the best is served for the last and here it goes Leonardo you beauty what a performance. Though you haven't gotten your hands on the Oscar yet you are on course to hit the jackpot this time around. He manages to display a plethora of emotions which leaves us spellbound. This time the Oscar will be humbled if it manages to reach you. Fitzgerald does a equally good job.To sum it up I reiterate this movie is not for the faint heated, others its a must watch. A celebration of ace story telling and I was glad I was among the 100 who managed to give it a standing ovation at the end. 10/10 smile emoticon smile emoticon