The Zoya Factor (2019)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 16 mins

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An advertising agency executive Zoya Singh Solanki meets the Indian cricket team and ends up becoming their lucky charm during the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

Cast: Sonam Kapoor

Crew: Abhishek Sharma (Director), Ehsaan Noorani (Music Director), Loy Mendonsa (Music Director), Shankar Mahadevan (Music Director)

Rating: U (India), PG (United Kingdom)

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Release Dates: 20 Sep 2019 (India), 20 Sep 2019 (Malaysia), 20 Sep 2019 (New Zealand), 20 Sep 2019 (Singapore), 19 Sep 2019 (United Arab Emirates), 20 Sep 2019 (United Kingdom), 20 Sep 2019 (United States)

Tagline: India Ka Lucky Charm...!

Hindi Name: थे ज़ोया फैक्टर

Movie Rating
Based on 2 ratings
3 user 12 critic
Music Rating
Based on 2 ratings
3 user 12 critic
Did you know? The film is a light adaptation of Anuja Chauhan's 2008 novel The Zoya Factor. Read More
Feel good

DQ superb feel good movie

Not nice

I know the guys are doing it’s best, but this doesn’t have any sense, nor any actual message. Sorry guys, not this time for me.

No-Brainer! Stay miles away from it! Bummer!


We do relish madcap entertainers but what director Abhishek Sharma serves here transcends all limits! I must avow that it's futile to expect anything sensible except for mindless mediocrity. If there’s a universally reviled film this year, it’s Fox Star Studios & Ad-Labs Films Limited's The Zoya Factor, more so because some of director Abhishek Sharma's earlier films were hits. No director can be senseless enough to think this is fine or remotely funny. Idiocy is a gentle term for what is unleashed upon us. It's a two hour show reel of plot-less, witless, joylessness. Silliness can be great fun. But brainless doesn’t have to translate to brain-dead. The direction is a complete let-down. The situational gags try too hard to tickle the funny bones of the viewers consummately and the essence of the story gets dissipated because of unwanted scenes galore with no tie-in to the ongoing. It doesn’t even get its ‘Cricket’ aspect right. The direction is middle-of-the-road precisely, as the writing (Anuja Chauhan, Pradhuman Singh Mall and Neha Sharma) lacks the meat and the sequence of events just don't work. The pace also mar the overall impact with songs acting as killjoy. After Studios' VFX is pathetic. The Zoya Factor will drain you at the end.

While it begins on a promising note - it's a premise ripe with comic potential - the graph only spirals southwards barely half an hour into the film. It's not sacrilege to attempt a no-brainer but the smiles/guffaw/laughter should never be in short supply. The actors, putting their best foot forward, try so so so hard to make you giggle even when the gags are weak. The banal jokes and the lame PJs coupled with the muddled screenplay are clearly responsible for the royal mess. Because there’s little to count on in terms of story, the fate of The Zoya Factor depends almost entirely on the likeability of its leads. The film belongs to Dulquer Salmaan , who proves, yet again, that he is an incredible actor. He adds so much to the sequences. Sonam Kapoor delivers an earnest performance but she fails to rise above the flawed script. Angad Bedi does complete justice to his character. Sikandar Kher seems comfortable in the given space. Sanjay Kapoor is natural. Anil Kapoor's cameo is hilarious. Manu Rishi Chadha is fine, not overdoing the lisping bit. Koel Purie is strictly okay. Pooja Bhamrrah (Sonali) looks quite glamorous and plays the supporting part well. From the Cricketers, the ones who leave the mark are Abhilash Chaudhary (Shivi), Gandharv Dewan (Harry) and Sachin Deshpande (Lakhi).

To sum up, The Zoya Factor is not entirely unwatchable because it's shot in a manner that’s easy on the eye. But walking out of the cinema once the lights come back on, you’re just glad it’s finally over. A nickel-and-dime stuff! Stay miles away from it!

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India Ka Lucky Charm...!
The film is a light adaptation of Anuja Chauhan's 2008 novel The Zoya Factor.

Sanjay Kapoor, who plays Sonam Kapoor's father in the film is actually her uncle in real life.