Tomorrowland (2015)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 10 mins

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A former boy-genius (George Clooney) and a gifted teenager (Britt Robertson) set out on a dangerous mission to unearth the secrets of "Tomorrowland," an enigmatic location caught between time and space.
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Did you know? Stanley Kubrick almost had a cameo in ‘Tomorrowland’ Read More
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as Casey Newton
as Frank Walker
as World's Fair Lady
as Young British Recruiter
as Pedestrian
as Jetpack Buddy #1
as Greyhound Girl
as Gentleman - 1964 World Fair
as Frank's Dad
as Pierre Clark
as Skyscraper Foreman
as Jail Punk
as Tough Guard
as Science Teacher
as Jensen
as Jail Desk Jockey
as Nix
as Dave Clark #7
as Jetpack Buddy #2
as Mom
as Monorail Mother
as Ursula
as Woman in Car
as Hero Bus Patron
as 1964 World Fair - girl
as Astronaut's Mother
as DQ patron
as Haitian Woman
as Gentleman - 1964 World Fair
as DQ patron
as Pierre Clark
as Bus Driver
as Dave Clark
as Small World Operator
as Lonely Man
as Deputy #1
as Dave Clark #1
as GM Plant Worker
as World's Fair Patron
as Astronaut's Father
as Eiffel Tower Guard #1
as Thick Glasses
as English
as Beefy Cop
as Nix Six
as Nate Newton
as Young Astronaut
as Science Kid #1
as Athena
as Pickup Driver
as Eiffel Tower Guard #2
as Young Casey Newton
as Guitar Player
as Young Frank Walker
as Eddie Newton
as Deputy #2
as Sheriff
as History Teacher
as Jetpack Dexter


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Stanley Kubrick almost had a cameo in ‘Tomorrowland’

Brad Bird was sought out as the first choice for the director's job of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015). Bird respectfully declined the offer in order to do Tomorrowland (2015). Bird stated when you get the rare chance to do an original film like Tomorrowland (2015), you take the opportunity. Bird went on to say, he is a huge Star Wars fan though and he looks forward (as a fan) to seeing the film like everyone else.

In Europe, Disney had to change the name from Tomorrowland to Disney Project T because the name is a registrated brand of the festival Tomorrowland. Same was, when the festival wanted to have a show in the U.S., they had to change the name to Tomorrowworld.

Naomi Scott was considered for the role of Casey Newton but lost out to Britt Robertson.

In the second trailer for the movie, you can see Space Mountain in the background at exactly 1:16 into it. It is also visible on the movie's promotional poster in the outer left of the town in the background.

Tomorrowland, as first conceived by Walt Disney back in the 50's and 60's, was to showcase what the future would hold for the world. It was and still is Disney's top draws in the theme parks.

This is the third collaboration between Judy Greer and George Clooney.

Shailene Woodley turned down the lead role. Britt Robertson was later cast.