Traffic (2014)

 ●  Telugu ● 1 hr 54 mins

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In Vellore, 13-year-old Ria, daughter of actor Gautham Krishna, is in need of a heart transplant. Her condition is deteriorating with every passing minute even as the multi-millionaire father is ready to pay any price for a heart. Meanwhile, in Chennai, Karthik, a TV show host-cum-journalist, on his first day to work is knocked down at a traffic signal by a speeding car. At the hospital, he is declared brain dead, with few hours left to live. A doctor, who has learnt about both the cases discusses the probability of donating Karthik's heart to Ria in not more than 90 minutes. The mission is to transport a heart from Chennai to Vellore, approximately 150 km, in about 90 minutes. Police commissioner Sundarapandian takes the responsibility of overseeing the mission, while traffic constable Satyamoorthy volunteers to drive the heart to the destination. Doctor Robin too, joins the mission. Will Satyamoorthy and Robin be able to transport the heart on time?
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Did you know? The film was initially titled 'Naangu Vazhi Saalai'. Read More
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as Sathyamoorthy
as Swetha
as Sathyamoorthy's Wife
as Gautham Krishna
as Dr. Robin
as Sundara Pandian
as Gautham's Wife
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Supporting Actress
as Riya
as Councillor
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actor
as Karthik's Mother
Supporting Actor
as Ajmal
Supporting Actor
as Adithi
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actor
as Karthik
Supporting Actor
as Karthik's Father
as Minister




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24 fps
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2.39:1 (Scope)
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Dubbed from: Chennaieil Oru Naal (Tamil)
The film was initially titled 'Naangu Vazhi Saalai'.

This film is a remake of the Malayalam movie Traffic (2011).