Train Station (2017)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 37 mins

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'Train Station' follows the universal story of fate, decisions, destiny and cultural unity when a mysterious train accident forces a man to change his plans where he is confronted with a variety of choices.

Cast: Judith Hoersch, Patrick Gorman

Crew: Aditya Pawar (Director), Adrian Tudor (Director), Amirah M Tajdin (Director), Andres Sandoval (Director), Athanasia Michopoulou (Director), Craig Lines (Director), Daniel Montoya (Director), Diane Cheklich (Director), Dzenan Tarakcija (Director), George Korgianitis (Director), Gregory Cattell (Director), Guillem Serrano (Director), Hesam Dehghani (Director), Ian Bonner (Director), Ingrid Franchi (Director), Isazaly Mohd Isa (Director), John Versical (Director), Joycelyn Lee (Director), Julia Caiuby (Director), Juliane Block (Director), Kresna D Wicaksana (Director), Marc Oberdorfer (Director), Marty Shea (Director), Nicola Barnaba (Director), Nitye Sood (Director), Omer Moutasim (Director), Petras Baronas (Director), Rafael Yoshida (Director), Ryan Bajornas (Director), Surya Balakrishnan (Director), Tiago P De Carvalho (Director), Todd Felderstein (Director), Tony Pietra (Director), Vania Ivanova (Director), Vicky Choromidou (Director), Xavier Agudo (Director), Yango Gonzalez (Director), Yosef Khouwes (Director), Adrian Tudor (Director of Photography), Alla Khair (Director of Photography), Dan Scotti (Director of Photography), Daniele Proietti (Director of Photography), Danny Gonzalez (Director of Photography), Decky Bahjanoon (Director of Photography), Dionysis Kitsikis (Director of Photography), Gianpaolo Lupori (Director of Photography), Hugo Azevedo (Director of Photography), Joseph Hindy (Director of Photography), Joycelyn Lee (Director of Photography), Jule Fontana (Director of Photography), Kimmer Olesak (Director of Photography), Kresna D Wicaksana (Director of Photography), Matteo Cervati (Director of Photography), Norman Metz (Director of Photography), Richard Mahoney (Director of Photography), Saurabh Goswami (Director of Photography), Shahriyar Kavoosi (Director of Photography), Vania Ivanova (Director of Photography), Vassilis Klotsotiras (Director of Photography), Wan Chun Hung (Director of Photography), Yann Maritaud (Director of Photography), David Alonso Garzon (Music Director), Martin Thornton (Music Director)

Rating: 18 (Malaysia)

Genres: Crime, Comedy, Drama

Release Dates: 15 Jun 2017 (Malaysia)

Tagline: Every Decision Leads Down To A Different Path

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