Trisha Illana Nayanthara (2015)

 ●  Tamil ● 2 hrs 11 mins

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A story focuses on the events that happen from the time the protagonist finishes school and ends when he completes college.

Cast: Anandhi, GV Prakash Kumar, Manisha Yadav

Crew: Adhik Ravichander (Director), Richard M Nathan (Director of Photography), GV Prakash Kumar (Music Director)

Rating: A (India)

Genres: Drama, Romantic Comedy

Release Dates: 17 Sep 2015 (India)

Tamil Name: த்ரிஷா இல்லனா நயன்தாரா

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Based on 61 ratings
36 user 7 critic
Did you know? In one scene, a guy (cameo by director Adhik Ravichandran) tells Jeeva that he looks like G.V. Prakash, who is the very acter who plays Jeeva. Read More

this movie has all elements to attract youth, but it totally against girls. totally sj surya type movie.
please don't go with family and with ur girl friends

trisha illana nayanthara

we the fans of Gv are waiting to watch the movie in theaters.....

*SPOILER*  A post matured adult content uniquely treated

Debut director Aadhik Ravichandran gains attention in selecting the perfect title for this adult rated Rom-Com and he extends the same in presenting the movie with fun-filled elements coated with a few pinches of vulgarity. Trisha illana Nayanthara , as the title suggests has been extremely targeted on the teens and youths who have helped a lot in filling the seats of theatres. Talking about the story , hero G.V Prakash (Jeeva) is born accompanied by two girls Anandhi (Ramya) and Manisha Yadav (Adithi) aside and shares his birthday with them in childhood days. Suddenly, he gets crush on Ramya when Adithi is not at town and ends with a break up . Within a few seconds he gets a proposal from Adithi and he enjoys it for few days and finally ends with a Break up as he finds too difficult to handle her ultra modern activities. Now when Jeeva is tired of love and decides to go to Kumbakonam to accompany his uncle (VTV GANESH) he sees Ramya again and decides to renew his relationship. Now Ramya avoids him and finally her aunt Simran helps Jeeva to win Ramya's Heart .Did Jeeva finally succeed in love or not? forms the rest of story with an experimental climax. Taking the performance into account ,the whole cast has provided justice to their roles. G.V Prakash succeeds in convincing himself as a hero in his second film and has performed in an improved manner to his character in the movie. He has improved a lot in Dance and his expressions contain maturity. Anandhi has performed with adherence to her character and she manages to impress audience .Manisha Yadav has given a highly glamorous performance and has symbolised her character. Other cast including Simran , VTV Ganesh, Yugi Sethu Robo Shankar have performed in their spaces. Arya and Priya Anand play the Cameo roles.Richard Nathan's cinematography is the decorating factor of the movie where it changes modes as per situations. The BGM is the another interesting factor in the movie where vadivelu's dialogues are used in various situations. The songs are foot tapping numbers and G.V Prakash has given a variety musical feast of melody, kuthu beat, western, Gaana type etc. Editing is adherent to the movie.Finally the movie contains a lot of unsocial elements and can be considered as the "Boldest attempt in Kollywood in the recent years"

*SPOILER*  Not bad

TIN Mokka cinema indha kalatha pathi comedy ah oru documentary film dhan idhu arya characterala dhan heroine virginity pogudhu apo arya virgin ah dinosour kalathula virgin pasanga kuda dhan alinji poitanga director blnt

Padam super duper hit...................

GV Acting good

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Dubbed into: Trisha Ledha Nayanthara (Telugu)
G.V. Prakash went on a diet and grew a thick beard to prepare for his role in the film.

In one scene, a guy (cameo by director Adhik Ravichandran) tells Jeeva that he looks like G.V. Prakash, who is the very acter who plays Jeeva.

Trisha Krishnan and Nayanthara had to provide a No Objection Certificate for the film's title.

G. V. Prakash took 36 retakes for his kissing scene with Manisha Yadav.
Filming Start Date:
22 Jan 2015