Tu Eka Aama Saha Bharasa (2006)

 ●  Oriya ● 2 hrs 12 mins

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Bhola, a skilled sculptor resides in a village with his parents, son and younger sister. He is asked to leave the house by his father due to some reason. He meets with an accident on the way and expires. A person called Shankar who resembles Bhola and whose car had killed Bhola accidentally comes to his village and takes his village. Everyone thinks him to be Bhola except his mother. Inspector Manoj, who is in charge of his case and on his trail comes to know from a clue that Shankar is impersonating Bhola, but Shankar denies the fact. Meanwhile Shankar's employer asks him to return the laptop which he was carrying with him when he met with an accident.Shankar helps to recover the documents related to property of the villagers which were with the local zamindar.He comes drunk one day and reveals his actual identity. He saves Bhola's younger sister from getting raped by the zamindar and his nephew. His employer kidnaps Bhola's son and asks him to return the laptop in exchange for the boy. He goes with the laptop (though a different one) and gets the boy back. His employer realizes the fact and there is an encounter whereby the employer gets killed and Shankar gets fatally injured. At the hospital, he is considered to be a hopeless case as the doctors have taken him to be dead when his mother becomes hysterical and starts pounding his chest and he recovers.

Cast: Sudiptaa Chakraborty, Suresh Bal

Crew: Shakti Baral (Director)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2006 (India)

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