Vendor Daniel State Licency (1994)

 ●  Malayalam ● 2 hrs 12 mins

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Embedded with charged emotions and social relevance, this family-oriented drama delves into the complex sequence of events that unfold when Narayani Kunjamma, an 80-year-old widow passes away leaving behind a vast estate. Her greedy son employs Vendor Daniel, a savvy man to use the rampant corruption in the government machinery to ensure that all the inheritance comes to him alone. In his greed, when he tries to throw his sister and her family out of their familial estate, Balagopalan, an honest and sincere lawyer comes to their assistance. Automatically, his tracks are placed on collision course with Vendor Daniel's, as he is involved in all the cases of fraud in the area. With people getting thrown out of their ancestral homes, deep emotions come into the fore. What will happen when Vendor Daniel's own son goes against him? Can Balagopalan ensure that good wins over greed? Will Vendor Daniel ever realise the error of his ways?

Cast: PV Jagadish Kumar, Surendranatha Thilakan, Vinduja Menon

Crew: Balu Kiriyath (Director), Sanjeev Shankar (Director of Photography), SP Venkatesh (Music Director)

Genres: Drama, Family

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1994 (India)

Malayalam Name: വേണ്ടോർ ഡനീൽ സ്റ്റേറ്റ് ലിസിന്സി

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