Vic the Viking and the Magic Sword (2020)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 17 mins

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Vic loves to accompany his father Halvar on his adventures but he believes that Vic is too small and feeble for the rough life of the strong men on board. He has a bright mind and he thinks before he acts but his real adventure begins when Halvar wins a magic sword from Sven The Terrible. The powers of the sword are uncontrollable especially since it turned Ylva, Vic’s mother into a statue of pure gold. Along with the help of his friends Leif a young warrior and a squirrel, Vic sets about on a mission to a legendary island where the power of the sword is broken. On the journey, Vic faces many climatic turbulences and several challenges but upon arrival, he learns that Sven, who is after his sword is the lesser problem but a bigger danger awaits them and the fate of mankind is at stake.

Cast: Konrad Bosherz, Tim Bentinck

Crew: Eric Cazes (Director), Ute Engelhardt (Music Director)

Rating: 18TC (United Arab Emirates), G (United Arab Emirates)

Genres: Animation

Release Dates: 26 Jul 2020 (Australia), 20 Feb 2020 (United Arab Emirates)

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as Gilby
as Tjure
as Ylva's mother
as Morr
as Odin
as Urobe
as Halvar
as Ylva
as Pox
as Ulme
as Loki
as Snorre
as Gorm
as Sven


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