Victory (1981)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 56 mins

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This inspiring tale of defiance and heroism follows events during World War II. When some Swiss inspectors inspect one of the camps, one of the Germans accompanying them sees that the inmates play football (soccer). Interest when he recognizes one of the men, Colby as a former player for England, he suggests that his men play against a team of Germans. Colby agrees, provided that his players be provided with certain amenities. At the same time, one of the prisoners, an American, Hatch is planning to escape. But his plan hits a snag because of the football game. He joins the team because it's the only way his plan can work. The officers at the camp want him to go to Paris, where the game will be held, so that he can contact the underground and see if its possible for the team to escape. Hatch makes it and after meeting them, they think there's a way but Hatch has to get caught so that he could be sent back to the camp. It is imperative that he is able to inform the team of the plan. Will he succeed in getting caught? Can Colby convince the Germans that he needs him for the team so that he could be released?

Cast: Carole Laure, Sylvester Stallone

Crew: John Huston (Director), Gerry Fisher (Director of Photography), Bill Conti (Music Director)

Rating: PG (Singapore)

Genres: Drama, War, Sports

Release Dates: 30 Jul 1981 (India)

Tagline: Now is the time for heroes.

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Did you know? Kevin Beattie stood in as an action double for Michael Caine during the football scenes whilst Paul Cooper did the same for Sylvester Stallone. Read More
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as Renee - The French
as Captain Robert Hatch - The Players: U.S.A.
as Lutz - The Germans
as Jean Paul - The French
as Terry Brady
as The Forger - The English
as Strauss - The Germans
as Italian - The Commentators
as Mueller, Coach - The Germans
as Kommandant - The Germans
as German - The Commentators
as Gunnar Hilsson - The Players: Norway
as Georges - The French
as Claude - The French
as Arthur Hayes - The Players: Scotland
as Shurlock - The English
as Propaganda Civilian - The Germans
as Paul Wolchek - The Players: Poland
as Tony Lewis - Allied Goalkeeper - The Players: Ireland (as Kevin O'Calloghan)
as Fan in Front Row
as Schmidt - Goalie - The Germans
as Major Karl Von Steiner - The Germans (as Max Von Sydow)
as Capt. John Colby - The Players: England
as Lang - The Germans
as French - The Commentators
as Sid Harmor - Allied Soccer Player - The Players: England
as Carlos Rey - Allied Soccer Player - The Players: Argentina
as Michel Fileu - The Players: Belgium
as Player - The Germans
as Doug Clure - The Players: England
as Erik Ball - Allied Soccer Player - The Players: Denmark
as Rose - The English
as Baumann, Team Captain - The Germans
as Viktor - The French
as Renée's Son




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Screenplay Writer

Camera and Electrical

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Music Director


Production Designer
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Casting Director



Makeup and Hair

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Dolby, Stereo
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24 fps
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Now is the time for heroes.
Their goal was freedom...
Filming Locations:
In a scene where the microphone used by the radio announcer at the soccer match is an RCA model 77B, a model not introduced until the late-1940s.

The vast majority of the extras in the soccer stadium have hairstyles and wear clothes associated with the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Around the 61th min after Hatch escaped, when the German soldier comes to report the number of prisoners, he speaks in Hungarian, but not in German.

Character Error
When the German player takes the penalty kick, his hair is dry in a scene a few seconds prior to the kick, then it's wet with sweat when he places the ball and then it's dry again after he scores.
The movie was inspired by an actual series of games in Kiev, during the German occupation of the city.

Victory was originally slated to star Lloyd Bridges and Clint Eastwood. French actor Alain Delon was also touted to appear.

Sylvester Stallone lost about 40 lbs for the film because he didn't want a prisoner of war to look like an "Olympic Boxer" and he felt he needed that weight reduce to perform the tasks of a soccer goalie.

A three-acre prison set was built in the grounds of the Allag Riding Stables on the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary.

One of the footballers, Mike Summerbee, became friendly with Michael Caine. After retiring from football, Summerbee went into bespoke shirt-making.

Sylvester Stallone broke one of his fingers trying to stop Pelé from scoring a goal.

Apart from acting in the movie, Pele also assisted in choreographing all the playing actions in the climactic game.

John Wark had his Scottish accent dubbed to an English one.

Kevin Beattie stood in as an action double for Michael Caine during the football scenes whilst Paul Cooper did the same for Sylvester Stallone.

Victory featured eighteen international soccer stars of the time appearing in both acting and sports action stunt roles.

For the high majority of soccer players who had acting parts in this movie, this picture has been their only ever theatrical film acting role.

Many of the actors seen in this movie had to learn how to play soccer whilst many of the soccer players seen in this movie had to learn how to act.

Sylvester Stallone nixed the idea of using a professional player as a double for the game sequences, because of that he separated his shoulder and broke a finger.