Vikalp (2011)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 10 mins

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Rashika Gandhi is an orphan, who had studied in Marathi-Medium Government schools, lives in the Working Girls' hostel in Santa Cruz, Mumbai, and is employed as a Software Engineer in a Churchgate-based organization. After a project goes missing, she is humiliated by her employer, Bose, and consoled by her room-mate, Suzy; co-worker, Sidhwani, and boyfriend, Rohan. She faces more humiliation this time at the hands of Rohan's parents, but cheers up after she is able to locate her missing project after hacking into her employer's system. This does not auger well with Bose who wants to know how she managed to do this, but she refuses to divulge this and quits. Subsequently, she re-locates to Bangkok, where Sidhwani has arranged her employment with Puyet Software. Shortly after her rather dramatic arrival she impresses her boss, Jackson, with her abilities, is suitably rewarded but must also deal with the fact that she in the country through a Tourist permit. Jackson undertakes to look into this issue, but ends up complicating the matter even more after her name gets changed to that of a former employee, Priya Menon. Rashika does not know that soon she will be arrested by the police for a number of offenses including Drug-trafficking, prostitution, etc. while her employer will accuse her of cyber-crimes including hacking into their computer system and misappropriating money.
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as Suzy
as Soham Bakshi
as Rohan
as Indian Ambassador
as Rohan
as Rashika Gandhi / Priya Menon
as Bose
Supporting Actor




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Story Writer

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English, Marathi, Thai
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2.39:1 (Scope)
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Dubbed into: Vikalp (Hindi)