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Wagah Review : A salute and a tribute to the nation and the Indian Army

Movie : Wagah (U)

Rating : 4.5/5

I love watching patriotic films very much. And if they are connected to the army in any way, I like them most. Same is the case with the Vikram Prabhu starrer romantic-patriotic action film WAGAH, a grand entertainer that celebrates the Indian in everyone. Ever since I came to know that the film was about army and patriotism, I became eager to watch it. Today, I am the happiest person since I watched it in high definition (the original version, not the pirated one) with English subtitles. It was like a wish come true.

WAGAH is an action packed cross border love story that oozes patriotism as well. This is evident from the beginning to the ending frame of the film. The powerful BGM gives energy and fills everyone with patriotism. Vikram Prabhu gets a great role, and he completely does justice with it. Ranya Rao as the hero's love interest and a simple girl does a good job. Rest others also manage to make an impact.

The film's story has a good theme and the exception in the form of its screenplay is e en excellent. Means there are several cross border films that focus on love and patriotism, but the execution and presentation of WAGAH are the best ones I have seen in any movie. The cinematography and visual effects are top notch. Locations are quite beautiful and great enough for a Tamil film. The fight sequences are something I mustn't forget mentioning at all. The fights are excellently choreographed and executed on the screen, and with the help of a powerful VFX, they look even more interesting to watch. The music is excellent, and every song is charming. The "Love For Our Nation Theme" was the best one out of all. The editing is also excellent and commendable as there are no hiccups in this 2 hour long journey of love and war.

WAGAH is not purely a romantic film, as I mentioned before. It can be classified into the action genre as well. The film raises questions and also provides answers to those questions. There's nothing wrong about the film. The storyline is simple but the presentation takes the cake for being razor sharp and interesting to watch. The interval blockade is also well placed.

Overall, WAGAH is one of the best cross border action-romantic-patriotic films I have ever seen till now. I might not get to see a one like this in future, but I can definitely say that this film will always remain a great one for me as it celebrates being Indian, spreading love, patriotism, and moreover, the Indian Tricolour. After watching this, I am feeling like saluting the makers. Hats off!