Walad Marzouq (2021)

 ●  Arabic ● 1 hr 50 mins

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After coming across a strange looking amulet while returning from school one day, Salem seemed to believe he has found his good luck charm, overwhelmed by all the fortune, success and good luck that continues to surround his business and personal lives. Until, one day, his necklace gets stolen followed by a series of perceived misfortunes, Salem struggles to adapt to the new reality as he learns that only with God’s well and his newly found love, he can finally find his internal peace and satisfaction.

Cast: Shaila Sabi, Tarek Alharbi

Crew: Seif Sheikh Najib (Director)

Genres: Comedy

Release Dates: 29 Jul 2021 (United Arab Emirates)

Arabic Name: ولد مرزوق

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