War (2019)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 36 mins

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Khalid, is entrusted with the task of eliminating Kabir, a former soldier turned rogue, as he engages in an epic battle with his mentor who had taught him everything.

Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Vaani Kapoor

Crew: Siddharth Anand (Director), Benjamin Jasper (Director of Photography), Sanchit Balhara (Music Director), Shekhar Ravjiani (Music Director), Vishal Dadlani (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India), PG (United Arab Emirates), 15 (United Kingdom)

Genres: Action, Thriller

Release Dates: 02 Oct 2019 (India), 02 Oct 2019 (France), 02 Oct 2019 (New Zealand), 02 Oct 2019 (Singapore), 02 Oct 2019 (Spain), 02 Oct 2019 (United Arab Emirates), 02 Oct 2019 (United States), 02 Oct 2019 (South Korea)

Hindi Name: वॉर

Movie Rating
Based on 8 ratings
3 user 16 critic
Music Rating
Based on 14 ratings
3 user 16 critic
Did you know? Two international action choreographers, Andy R Armstrong from Hollywood and Mr Oh from South Korea were brought in to design the action sequences. Read More
*SPOILER*  Very good movie war

Thanks you Bollywood

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Indian Super Hero

the one & only super hero of India, Hard Work never fails = Hrithik Roshan, Best stunts sequences, Best editing work... Congrats Director...

All Style and No Substance.

To say that the film has a wafer-thin plot is an understatement. War has a lot of visual appeal but the all style and no substance approach makes this 2 hours 36 minutes film a real drag. DISAPPOINTING!

It isn’t completely unwatchable, but it certainly tests your patience. How many times have you ordered a dish that looks terrific photographed in a menu but disappoints when it shows up on the table? War is that kind of meal and a golden opportunity lost. It has two handsome leads, some eye-popping stunt scenes (Paul Jennings, Franz Spilhaus, Oh Sea Young & Parvez Shaikh) and a slew of beautiful locales. It would take an especially awful script & an incompetent director to deliver a mess out of those ingredients. Everything here is laid out crystal clear at the lowest common denominator. Sure enough, the film packs enough twists & turns. But those particular twists are so ludicrous that it is hard to imagine someone could still be thinking in such formulaic ways. Abbas Tyrewala's dialogues are so clunky, they make you cringe. Director Siddharth Anand, the man who gave us such excruciating films as Tara Rum Pum, Anjaana Anjaani & Bang Bang, applies the same pedestrian sensibilities to what could’ve been a slick enjoyable romp.

Siddharth Anand & Aditya Chopra's story rests on the assumption of suspension of belief. The film is weighed down by a teary familial back-story and a major twist that anyone who’s watched even three masala potboilers can predict from a mile away. It's a pity to see a production house of the stature of YRF go down the same path again and again. And yet if there’s one reason to watch War, it’s Hrithik Roshan. He’s charming, charismatic & appears to be having a good time. Here’s a movie star who actually looks like he could pull off those action scenes for real. Vaani Kapoor is wasted. Soni Razdan is Perfect. Ashutosh Rana is dependable as always. Arif Zakaria, Swaroopa Ghosh (Sherna Patel), Dipannita Sharma, Anupria Goenka are just fine in their respective roles. Tiger Shroff can dance effortlessly, fight in style and charm the audiences. But what one really needs to applaud is the way he carries the film. His role in War seems to be a hundred notches ahead of what he did in his previous movies.

For the most part War is all action, no talk. Its pace remains inconsistent. At times, it runs very slow but catches up with the action sequences that follow. Overall, the star cast will ensure that the movie sails through comfortably at the box-office. Skip it!

as Kabir
as Khalid
as Naina
Supporting Actor
as Aditi
as Dr Utpal Bisbas
as Colonel Luthra
as Dr. Mallika Singhal
as Muthu
as Farid Haqqani
as VK Naidu
as Captain Grotsky
as Basheer Hasib
as Oslav
as Rizwan Iiyasi
as Vishal
as Derrick
as Sherna Patel


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Two international action choreographers, Andy R Armstrong from Hollywood and Mr Oh from South Korea were brought in to design the action sequences.