Web (2023)

 ●  Tamil ● 1 hr 58 mins

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Abinaya, Mahashree, Nisha are close friends who work together in a I.T. company. Apart from their work hours, they gang up for partying and getting high. As that becomes their daily routines, the reach a stage where being sober gives them discomfort. One day, after attending a party and drunk like a fish, they drive in a car. They are accompanied by Deepa, their work colleague. Abinaya loses control of the wheels and crashes into another vehicle. When they all open their eyes from blackout, they find themselves chained in a room by Veera, who happens to be a handicapped person. Veera has a accomplice, Pooja. They both keep the four ladies under intoxication. Once they gain consciousness, Veera torments like a psychopath. He instills fear in them. When the police find out Veera's place and reach there, Veera kills the police. Deepa, who reveals that she is pregnant and requests to let go to her husband, Veera shows Deepa's husband lying dead on the floor in the next room. Deepa breaks down and cries. Veera kills her and then chops Deepa and her husband's bodies. The remaining three girls ask Pooja for the reason for holding them in captivity. Pooja reveals to them that Veera had a sister who wished to become a doctor. But before her wish was fulfilled, Veera's sister died in a car accident which was driven by three drunk ladies just like Abinaya, Mahashree & Nisha. When Veera couldn't get justice for his sister's death, he had them abducted and killed. Now, Abinaya Mahashree & Nisha are frightened for their life. Veera would kill them any moment Who really is this Veera? What is the real reason behind the abduction of three girls? How did those girls escaped from his captivity? Or did they fail? Did the girls teach a lesson to the psychopath? The answers for these questions are revealed in the rest of the story

Cast: Natarajan Subramaniam, Shilpa Manjunath

Crew: Haroon (Director), Christopher Joseph (Director of Photography), Karthik Raja (Music Director), Dinesh Ashok (Publicity Designer)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Thriller

Release Dates: 04 Aug 2023 (India)

Tamil Name: வெப்

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