Wonder Woman (2017)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 23 mins

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Amazonian warrior princess, Diana Prince, discovers her real potential and finds her true destiny of protecting the island of Themyscira and all of humankind, while fighting alongside Pilot Steve Trevor and the soldiers at the World War.

Cast: Chris Pine, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Gal Gadot, Robin Wright

Crew: Patty Jenkins (Director), Matthew Jensen (Director of Photography), Rupert Gregson Williams (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India), PG13 (Singapore)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Release Dates: 02 Jun 2017 (India), 01 Jun 2017 (Malaysia), 31 May 2017 (Singapore), 01 Jun 2017 (United Arab Emirates), 02 Jun 2017 (United States)

Tagline: Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder.

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Did you know? Actresses Christina Hendricks, Kristen Stewart, Olga Kurylenko and Elodie Yung were also considered to play the role of Wonder Woman throughout the years Read More
A Wonder in DC Movies..

Must Watch for a DC Fan..

Superb movie

Love you diana

Best of Warner Bros movie

Good story and awesome action sequences

as Steve Trevor
as Ludendorff
as Sir Patrick
as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
as General Antiope
as Turkish Soldier
as Worker
as German Officer
as Queen Hippolyta
as Passerby
as Turkish soldier
as Rüdiger Gerhard
Supporting Actress
as British Officer
as Turkish worker
as Epione
as Dr Maru
as Young Diana
Supporting Actor
as Factory Worker
as Senator Acantha
as Turkish Slave
as Amazon Warrior
as Turkish Worker
as Clerk
as German soldier
as Young Woman
as Village pharmacist
as Amazonian Warrior
as German Soldier
as Scottish Regiment Soldier
as Soldier
as Menalippe
as Belgium Peasant
as Etta Candy
as Egeria
as Amazonian War Council Member
as German Soldier 1
as Civil Servant
as Returning Wounded Soldier
as Orana
as German Airplane Mechanic
as Soldier
as British Soldier
as Returning Amputee Soldier
as German Navy General
Supporting Actor
as Euboea
as Turkish Worker
as Queens Guard
as Belgian Butcher
as Guard at the Invite Table


Second Unit Director
First Assistant Director
Second Assistant Director
Assistant Director



Screenplay Writer

Camera and Electrical

Director of Photography
Still Photographer
Key Grip
Lighting Technician


Music Director
Music Label
Music Editor
Music Coordinator


Costume and Wardrobe

Costume Stylist
Costume Designer
Costume Supervisor
Assistant Costume Designer


Associate Editor
First Assistant Editor
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Colour Info:
Sound Mix:
Dolby Atmos
ARRIFLEX 235, ARRIFLEX 435, Panaflex Millenium XL2, Panavision Panaflex
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.39:1 (Scope)
Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder.
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Dubbed into: Wonder Woman (Latin American Spanish)
Eva Green was considered for the role of Wonder Woman, but later on she opted for the role of Doctor Poison.

Kathryn Bigelow, Catherine Hardwicke, Mimi Leder, Karyn Kusama, Julie Taymor and Tricia Brock were all considered to direct the film.

Michelle MacLaren was the studio's initial choice to direct the film, who had dropped out of the project due to creative differences.

Scott Eastwood, who had appeared in Suicide Squad, was rumored to appear for the role of Steve Trevor in this film.

During the production, Gal Gadot's baby bump was visible, so the crew had created a costume which had a green screen around her belly, which was later removed during post-production.

In 2005, Angelina Jolie was offered the chance to play the lead role, but she declined and in 2015, she was also considered to direct it.

Patty Jenkins is the first woman to direct a superhero film with a female protagonist.

Actresses Christina Hendricks, Kristen Stewart, Olga Kurylenko and Elodie Yung were also considered to play the role of Wonder Woman throughout the years

Actresses Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock, Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, Sarah Michelle Gellar were all considered to play Wonder Woman.

Cobie Smulders was briefly considered for the role of Wonder Woman, and is associated with the Marvel cinematic universe as Agent Maria Hill.

'Wonder Woman' is the first female dominant superhero film in twelve years since 'Elektra'.
Filming Start Date:
21 Nov 2015