Yaan (2014)

 ●  Tamil ● 2 hrs 36 mins

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To prove himself to his girlfriend Sreela’s father, Chandru accepts a job in a foreign country only to get imprisoned on arrival, for carrying drugs. Facing a death sentence, he tries to clear his name and find the person who framed him.

Cast: Jiiva, Thulasi Nair

Crew: Ravi K Chandran (Director), Manush Nandan (Director of Photography), Harris Jayaraj (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Action, Thriller

Release Dates: 02 Oct 2014 (India)

Tamil Name: யான்

Movie Rating
Based on 75 ratings
63 user 11 critic
Music Rating
Based on 79 ratings
63 user 11 critic
Did you know? The film is reportedly based on the American movie Midnight Express (1978). Read More

i expected a lot from this team..but they disappointed...
fom next movie onwards jiiva should give more concentrated to script because of yaan...in a prison there s not a single cell s locked whts the logic n there s no security in borders

am your very big fan

hai Mr.jeeva
movie's first off romance is goooood
then second off action is too booooore
songs are super hit include your acting
the story is super but directing is poor
sorry for say that
thanking you .,


Disappointed...waste of money...so pity of jiiva...out of theatre jz nw.

completely out of logic
1.bad opening
2.no check of drugs in indian customs during check in
3.prison scenes...waste...out of state
4.romantic song!!!while ur head is to be ripped off!!!WTF!!
5.indian passport ready n two mins...!!!i had only aftr 2 months!!!!
6.No police in billlioners meeting...
7....8....9.....and the list goes on..

jiva..pls look well while selecting movies.(went to see jeeva movie...bt landed n dz jiiva's movie))omg!!

Camera pudika therinjaalavuku ungaluku pennu pudika therila

Camera pudika therinjaalavuku ungaluku pennu pudika therila @ravichandran

HiFi ah nadika varala mama @ jeeva

Heroine yaru @ Thulasi

Mothathula padam atthu worst

Thara audience(Knight show friends)

Yet an another movie which proves that only the Good Scripts pass through - click to check the detailed review

It always feels better to begin with the good things and thankfully the "#YAAN " crew haven't made it difficult for us to point out such goodness here,Romba easy'a parthadhum pidikura nalla vishayangal "konjam" vechirukanga - Art director's excellent creativity,super costumers,semma locations ,delightful visuals from the cinematographer #Manush_nandan and vfx team are the relieveing factors that tunes you to be seated for the next few minutes.Production house R.S.Infotainment chumma panatha erachirukanga,ipadi oru producer ethana director ku kedaipanga?! but sadly the flick is not worth the money spent'.Talented artists pattalam neraya irundhalum solikura alavu ilai,#Jayaprakash stunt was good ,#Nasser has nothing much to do and the heroine #Thulasi_Nair konjam nadichrukanga. #Thambi Ramaiah and #Karunakaran sirika veikum muyarchi sobikalai!
Debutant Director #Ravichandran( former Cinematographer) has enough of experiences and an Filmfare award to his credits - avar adhayae thodarnthirukalam nu nenaika vechutaar. This is a story where a wealthy ship gets wrecked with all the skillful sailors due to the captain's ignorance and yes, the plot reminds of the past few flicks and ean andha padangal edupadala'nu aaraindhu indha script eh merugetri irukalam' but andha padangaley evalavo mel ena nenaika vechutar.,angangey #Bollywood sayal.
The screen play at the first half tests patience with all the bloopers and the second half intersting madhiri aasa kamichu mosam panning! able to hear lots of sigghs..! in theatre,he X men series effect rescue scene pakum podhu nama aalunga talent palich but it dragss n spoils #Harris_Jeyraj lets his fans down again with aracha maavu and unmatched BGMs , #Gaana_Bala oru song la energy koduthalum..mhm.The Basilistan jail concept - pooti veka matanga,all facilities avaliable adadaaa..

* Shoot out happens in a good weather - It rains during Heroine entry during shoot out nu kamikuctu,edhum nenayama irukey ! how?
*The Mr.Bean act : Visiting card chasing scene was sodhanayin uchakattam !
*Whats the intention making the hero to stare at the heroine's private part?
*They troll all the modern girls making them appear in a normal nighty and fame heroine providing her a modern night wear !
* Sattunu ivar thaan appa nu solradhuku ean ella heroine'kum pala situations theva paduthu ??
*Stunts: Galakalapu santham type erpadu - nalla othuzhaichu vangikuranga !
*Never thought that Escaping from a jail in a country where its portrayed to follow strict rule is so easy like this !
*Heroine human rights stunt reaches world wide through the medias so quick ! but local police edhum kandukala that too avalo strict naatula,permission vangina poratamo ?
*Why the people helping the lead pair are killed when there were clear chances to take them down directly ? - pakathulayae irundhalum ivanga mela oru thuru kuda padathey inum ethana padathula
*The lead pair enter a meet of the major business heads with such ease ?(adhum jailer eh konutu,jail'la irundhu thapuchu ! Avalo strict country nu kaamichtu Security indha level ? - boss thanoda assistant'eh seigaila enada nu kekumpodhu (serious scene la sirika vechutinga)
*To peak it, They speak in tamil giving lecture exposing the villain and 'all understand the language and the message conveyed ' when the hero tunes the Tv used at the meeting spl screen la news elam varudhu and the news channels speak about villain!
*While whole world is busy about his news (the police seems too,that they never turn up) the villain walks out casually from the meet.
*The Judiciary /Police men/ from such a strict country doesn't find a diffrence between the normal and Autistic child ? Imprisons with sentence to death.
*Wont the Forensic department investigate to confirm that the person deceased is the internationally sought criminal (real or dumny nu reports soladha? Epadi files close agum?
*Bayangaramana strict country la bommai thirudinadhukey kai gaali...but oruthar fake passport seivar nu even the taxi driver knows
*Plane crash scene - villain apdiyae norungina plane la utkaandhu gun eduthu aim panra scene !! Ada pongapa ...*Yawn*
* A Small "Aatu kutti vaeli" with a board titled "BORDER" brings laughter !
I sincerely confess that it will make every person from the Industry feel pity for such a wonderful Production team and cinematographers efforts being wasted. It would have been a vera level movie if they have worked on the script!
Sets a major draw back to the talented actor jiiva alarming him for the strong comeback with a good script.

Verdict : Yet an another movie which proves that only the Good Scripts pass through! Its an another wake up call to all the producers and the artists in recent times to believe in talent n executions but not in the experience always!
Rating : 1.5/5

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Film Type:
Colour Info:
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)
Archival Source:
Music Label: Sony Music Entertainment

Music Director: Harris Jayaraj
Lyricist: Vaali
Playback Singer: Krishna Iyer, Devan Ekambaram

Music Director: Harris Jayaraj
Playback Singer: MC Vicky, Gaana Bala

Music Director: Harris Jayaraj
Lyricist: Pa Vijay
Playback Singer: Chinmayi Sripada
Movie Connection(s):
Dubbed into: Jaan Ki Baazi (Hindi)
Dubbed into: Rangam - 2 (Telugu)
The film is reportedly based on the American movie Midnight Express (1978).
Filming Start Date:
23 Nov 2012