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A Company Man: I'm a fan!

Movie: A Company Man

Rating: 4/5

South Korean filmmakers have been impressing me constantly since they package their action-thrillers with world class stuff. Such is the So Ji- sub starrer action thriller A COMPANY MAN. Terrific action and well portrayed emotions along with some surprisingly amazing visual effects: that's what makes this film complete.

So Ji-sub is a good actor and that needs not to be told to his fans. But those who don't know him would need his introduction for sure. He is superb in the emotional sequences and uses his voice as an instrument to show his character. He does a stupendous job in the action sequences, which forms the film's highlight. Rest others, since I don't know their names, do a great job too.

The story and screenplay both are quite good, and the film is quite fast paced too. With a runtime of merely 96 minutes, thee film wins over you completely. The music is good. Cinematography, editing, dialogues are all good.

The only thing one might find as a glitch is that the film resembles A BITTERSWEET LIFE in some portions. Both were about the same kind of heroes and some elements do match. But at the end of the day, both films are quite different from each other. The film is quite dramatic in the beginning but later on builds the required tension with momentum.

Overall, A COMPANY MAN is yet another impressive South Korean action thriller that makes me say, "Go for it, I'm going to watch it again!".