Joker (2019)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 4 mins

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A failed stand-up comedian Arthur Fleck encounters a group of criminals dressed up as clowns wandering on the streets of Gotham City. Isolated by his society, Fleck slowly descends into madness and transforms into a criminal mastermind known as the Joker.

Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Zazie Beetz

Crew: Todd Phillips (Director), Lawrence Sher (Director of Photography), Hildur Guonadottir (Music Director)

Rating: A (India), NC16 (Singapore), 18 (Malaysia), 18TC (United Arab Emirates), 15 (United Kingdom)

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Release Dates: 02 Oct 2019 (India), 04 Oct 2019 (Canada), 09 Oct 2019 (France), 03 Oct 2019 (Malaysia), 04 Oct 2019 (Mexico), 03 Oct 2019 (Netherlands), 03 Oct 2019 (New Zealand), 03 Oct 2019 (Singapore), 04 Oct 2019 (Spain), 03 Oct 2019 (United Arab Emirates), 04 Oct 2019 (United Kingdom), 04 Oct 2019 (United States), 02 Oct 2019 (South Korea)

Tagline: Put on a happy face.

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Did you know? Actor Joaquin Phoenix was nominated in the 'Film Performance of the Year — Actor' category at the annual Dorian Awards held by The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics (GALECA). Read More
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100% Perfomance

Saw Joker Joaquin Phoenix explored the inner mind of a Super Villian it's a character study, He lived in the character, His efforts are appreciated, it was an Origin story based on the Psychological ruination of a man named Arthur Fleck and what drove him to become the JOKER.

I remember Bhahubali film in theatre which got standing ovation and applause from viewers at the end now it's JOKER...



Joker movie is a thunderous masterpiece! Can easily compete with the best comic book films of all time. The best movie of 2019 which belongs more in the Joaquin Phoenix Universe than the DC Universe. In the media, director Todd Phillips's Joker movie has been frenetically celebrated and a possible Oscars 2020 blessing (otherwise unthinkable for a comic-based film) is speculated violently. Let me say it loud and clear: there is not a word of it exaggerated.

Joker movie is an "origin story", which tells how poor Arthur, nicknamed Happy by his mother, will become one of the most famous enemies of Batman. However, here there is no question of the Dark Knight, the story unfolds when Bruce Wayne is still a child. Surprisingly, Joker movie is totally a drama. A hard drama, rough, bitter, in a sticky environment. An environment that does not help Arthur to adapt. Director/writer Todd Phillips & cowriter Scott Silver take time to present the characters, places and situations. Joker movie is a work closer to auteur cinema. It's important to note that there's nothing wrong with this movie. Director Todd Phillips manages to infuse a very stylized colorful theme with the dark at the same time. It's bold, devastating & utterly beautiful. The sombre staging tackles you from the first second, shaking you through for two hours and never letting go until the last second. Joker movie is a horror story, not the celebratory tale of an antihero. Joker is a game changer and plays in a league of his own.

The great soundtrack consists mainly of classics of the swing era (Frank Sinatra et al) and is an integral part of the plot. The congenial score of Hildur Gudnadottir amplifies the power of the images many times, so that every scene penetrates deep into the bone marrow. Director Todd Phillips is a revelation at the helm and does the best directing job of his career with the twisted material, able to strike a tone that straddles stabs of bleak darkness, gasps of hope and pangs of inevitability. I doff my hat to you sir! DOP Lawrence Sher's no-frills work to emphasize twisted, dark cityscapes, streets & nightmarish forms deserves a huge shout-out. With picture-perfect contrasts & color, sublime compositions, the rich and complex mise-en-scène succeeds in elevating the movie.

But all of this impressive, stylish construction wouldn’t have worked without Joaquin Phoenix. He inhabits his role with a commitment that’s magnetic in its unpredictability. His unbelievable performance will leave the most lasting impression on the audience. Robert De Niro - one of his best roles for a long time! Zazie Beetz is remarkable. I left the cinema with lasting impressions & my mouth open. Beneath this gripping, bold, revisionist psychological thriller, Joker is the comic book villain we deserve right now. Joker movie is a masterpiece! Its understanding doesn’t cross the line into sympathy, as we’re left watching a man who becomes less & less human as his tragedy unfolds. We repeatedly see him burst into laughter, but can never rule out whether he’s actually crying.

as Arthur Fleck
as Sophie Dumond
as Middle Aged Woman
as Gotham Elite
as Detective Garrity
as Taxi Driver
as Mr. Slotnick
as Thomas Wayne
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actor
as Young Bruce Wayne
as Flirting Man On The Bus
as Orderly
as Alfred Pennyworth
as Gangboy
as Penny Fleck
as Comedian
as Randall
as Flirting Women on the Bus
as Hospital visitor / MFS audience
Supporting Actor
as Business Man
as Subway Rider
as Street Worker
as Businessman
as Hoyt Vaughn
as Protestor
as Pogo / MFS Attendee
as Gary
as Boy's Mother
as Ted Marco
as Murray Franklin Intern
Supporting Actor
as Screaming Man
as Woman on Subway
as Ha Ha Clown
as Murray Franklin
as Middle Aged Woman
as Dr. Sally Friedman
as Rioter / Protester / Villain


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Put on a happy face.
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Dubbed into: Joker (Latin American Spanish)
'Joker' has been nominated for the 77th Golden Globe Awards 2020 in the 'Best Motion Picture - Drama' category.

Actor Joaquin Phoenix was nominated in the 'Best Actor - Drama' category for the 77th Golden Globe Awards 2020.

'Joker' was nominated for the 77th Golden Globe Awards 2020 in the 'Best Original Score' category.

Actor Joaquin Phoenix was nominated in the 'Film Performance of the Year — Actor' category at the annual Dorian Awards held by The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics (GALECA).

Warner Bros. had planned the re-release of the movie in India on 14th of February 2020.
Filming Start Date:
10 Sep 2018